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Viking survival success Valheim is now available via PC Game Pass

Or you can buy it via the Microsoft store

Valheim was a surprise hit early last year and to date has now sold over 10 million copies. As of today, you no longer need to buy the viking fantasy survival game if you want to try it, assuming you have a subsription to PC Game Pass.

Players on PC Game Pass or who buy Valheim via the Microsoft Store will have crossplay with those who own the game on Steam. It will also launch on Xbox Game Pass in spring 2023.

Valheim remains in early access on Steam and developers Iron Gate are continuing to work on the next update, which will add the Mistlands biome. Previous updates have added more options for decorating your home and new frost caves, although major additions have been a little slow.

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There was plenty to do even in Valheim's initial release anyway. Many folks at RPS fell in love with it. Ed went on a whole journey with carrots and was loved by a boar. The community also added new content of their own with mods, like grappling hooks and whatever this is.

If you are planning on playing Valheim for the first time, I suggest checking out our guides. It's a relatively chill game about building a safe haven and only going battling when you're ready, but our Valheim boss order guide wil help make sure you don't take on the wrong beastie too early.

You can get Valheim now from the Microsoft store for £20/$20/€20 or as part of your PC Game Pass subscription.

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