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Warframe arrives on the open-world Plains of Eidolon

Lovely style, as always

I remain delighted that a sci-fi game looking like Warframe [official site] has become so popular. In a genre dominated by robots and spacemen, Warframe stars pearlescent crustaceanfolk fighting bulging turgid baddies who remind me of sea cucumbers. It is a strong look. This style continues in the free-to-play action-RPG's latest expansion, Plains of Eidolon, which developers Digital Extremes launched overnight. It adds an open-world zone where, after dark, the ghosts of giant meatbots rise from the water to wander. That's the sort of sci-fi I want. Ta, Warframe.

The main feature in Plains of Eidolon is its eponymous open-world zone, three square kilometres for up to four players to roam around and fly over. The deeper you go, the nastier the baddies get. And when the day/night cycle swings round to darkness, little baddies will retreat as the Eidolon emerge. They're ruined meaty warbots from an ancient war, trying to complete themselves (you'll note they're using trees to lost arms). They are big and they are nasty.

Also, you can go spearfishing on the Plains. Heck yes the waterlife is weird-lookin'.

A new hub town, Cetus, arrives too. This has new folks with new quests, new crafting, and new places to hang around jumping up and down as one should in any hub.

The update also brings a rework of the Focus system, balance tweaks, a new Warframe, and plenty more. Check the Update 22 patch notes for details on everything. These are big patch notes.

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