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Warframe's new trailer bids us prepare for The Sacrifice

The sleeper has awakened

While it's primarily known for its space-ninja action, hideously compelling grind and a vast number of suits of space-armour to collect, Warframe's fans speak of its central story arc with hushed reverence, which features a rich Dune-like universe and one of my favourite plot-twists in any game. The story has been dangling on a cliffhanger for a while, but this month it's all wrapping up. Within, an ominous teaser trailer and plenty of spoilers if you've not played through at least the Second Dream quest.

The trailer below highly recommends that in order to be prepared for The Sacrifice, players should complete The Second Dream, The War Within, Chains of Harrow and after all that, trigger the Apostasy Prologue by entering your shiny new personal quarters aboard your ship. It's a lot to do, and will only really apply to players fairly experienced with the game, but it's exciting stuff nonetheless.

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This upcoming event is something that's been long-teased by developers Digital Extremes. As far back as last July, they released their first trailer for this seemingly pivotal point in Warframe's main story arc, which I've handily embedded below. Given some of the audio used and imagery (especially the crumbling lunar landscape), it implies that this may be another game-changer on par with the events of The Second Dream. Can lightning strike twice?

Warning: Potential SPOILERS and conjecture from this point on.

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So, we're continuing on from the dramatic twist in our crew quarters, where our space-mum - The Lotus - has been abducted by Ballas, the creepy Orokin science-bastard who can be heard narrating most of the Prime Warframe trailers. We've known for some time that he's a very bad man indeed, but we also assumed he'd been dead for a very long time. Apparently not so much. We'll probably be rescuing her over the course of this new chapter. Probably.

Part of the 'required reading' for this next chapter in the story is Chains of Harrow, which revolves around a Tenno that permanently bound his consciousness to his Warframe, allowing him to survive the death of his own flesh-and-blood body. Could this be hinting that we're going to have to do the same? That does seem to be the implication in the title, but I wouldn't put it past Digital Extremes to throw a bit of a curveball here.

Anyway, for those of you already caught up and waiting on the release of the new story stuff later this June, you can claim a 3-day XP booster and an Orokin tea-set decoration for your ship by entering the promo code OLDFRIEND over here. So, what do you lot make of all this? Where do you think the story is going here? It seems likely that this is the end of the main story as we know it, but here's hoping there's a new arc planned for the future, at the very least.

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