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Warframe will reveal more of Heart Of Deimos expansion at TennoCon next week

And there are freebies to be had by tuning into the stream

Digital Extremes' fifth annual Warframe event, TennoCon, kicks off next week on August 1st (albeit digitally this year thanks to that pandemic). They'll be revealing the details of the game's next expansion, Heart Of Deimos, and to pique players' interest, they've released a tidbit of info and a cheeky teaser for said expansion already. It'll all revolve around the Infested - an alien faction taken over by techno-organic parasites (sounds painful). And, actually that's about it for now.

Here's the teaser trailer - complete with dramatic choral music, freaky alien beasts, and a peek at some shiny new items.

Watch on YouTube

You'll be able to bag yourself that Hydroid Prime Warframe and the Athodai hand cannon for free by connecting your Warframe and Twitch accounts, then watching 30 consecutive minutes of TennoLive (the announcement dev stream that closes the event), as well as 30 minutes of any other TennoCon stream that tickles your fancy. That's a lot of watching. It's worth noting the hand cannon is a limited-time item, so don't miss your chance if you really want it.

TennoCon's online-only event takes place on Saturday the 1st of August, and the whole thing will be streamed over on Twitch. There'll be a mixture of pre-recorded and live events, some of which fans will be able to participate in - like panels, contests and all that good gaming event stuff.

They'll even be revealing the Broken Frame, a warframe created by polling fans on what abilities and features they want it to have. It'll be played live on the day, so you'll be able to see the creation in action.

If all this is giving you a hankering to get back into the game ahead of TennoCon, you could check out our Warframe guides.

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