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Warframe's Heart Of Deimos expansion has two giant worms eternally battling for glory

A new open world, customisable warframe powers, and lots of alien bugs await you

Warframe's gone and infested an entire moon with creepy crawlies for its Heart Of Deimos expansion. Shown properly for the first time during today's Waframe fan event livestream, the expansion also includes other cool stuff, like customisable Warframe powers and a huge new open world area. But I'm more interested in the pair of gigantic worms endlessly warring to take control of the moon. At least, that's what I think they're doing. Guess we'll find out when the expansion releases on August 25th.

Heart Of Deimos focuses on Warframe's Infested faction. They've dug their roots into Deimos, making it all icky and gross. Now it's your job to figure where they came from, and discover any secrets they might be hiding there.

Deimos is a whole new open world area for the game, set on one of Mars' moons. It's a little different from the previous two open world spaces in Warframe (Earth and Venus). Rather than being sprawling and wide-open, it's more dense and tightly packed-in - mostly because of the infestation all around you.

One of the cooler new parts of this expansion is players will have the ability to transfer powers between their Warframes. It doesn't look like a particularly pleasant process - you'll need to feed an Audrey 2-looking thing some of your resources, then when you've selected what new power you want in your Warframe you're injected with some nasty-looking pincers. It's called the Helminth Chrysalis System, and I got a chance to hear about how it all properly works in a Q&A with the game's live ops and community director, Rebecca Ford.

Here's her explaining how some of it works better than I ever could:

"Every Warframe has one ability you're allowed to absorb via the chrysalis, and you can inject that ability on a Warframe in any slot. So, you could get rid of one Warframe's ultimate by replacing it with an ability that you've taken from another Warframe.

"What we've also done, if you're really deep into the Warframe meta, we've also let augments work. So, most Warframe abilities have augments, which are little mod cards that change the way that ability behaves, and if you choose to inject an ability on a different Warframe you can actually also use the augment on that particular ability."

Operators will also be able to take control of Necramechs, giant pilotable mechs which are extra good at taking out Infested. If mech isn't your preferred method of transport, however, you'll be able to ride on a new Infested K-Drive instead. K-Drives are the hoverboards introduced in a previous expansion, and you'll now be able to shoot things with your secondary weapon while riding it.

There's lots of new story stuff on the way as well, but it's those huge worms I mentioned earlier that were a highlight for me. One looks like it represents the sun, while the other represents the moon, and it sounds like they're caught in some eternal struggle against each other, fighting for control over Deimos. How poetic.

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