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Warhammer 40,000: Dawn Of War 3 Shows Off Eldar

Haughty space-elves

Everything we've seen and played of Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War III [official site] so far has focused on those corpse-worshipping spacethugs, the Space Marines. Now let's class this joint up. Relic have started gabbing about the Eldar, the spaceelf dandies who are going extinct because they proper cocked everything up but still make time to look good. Also, they make mechs for ghosts to live in. Have a peep:

Watch on YouTube

Yes, that is meant to be silent and a weird resolution - they're wee clips made for the website.

Anyway, what are the Eldar up to in Dawn of War III? The usual! The blurb says:

"The Eldar are the last of an ancient civilization that once ruled the Galaxy. With fearsome psychic powers, sophisticated technology, and Battle Focus shielding, the Eldar are fighting for their ongoing survival as they use hit-and-run tactics to strike the enemy with speed and fury, before falling back to regenerate for the next calculated assault.

"Farseer Macha is a powerful psyker and veteran of countless battles. Serving on the Biel-Tan Craftworld, Macha is striving to find a way to avert the extinction of her people. A goal that will soon put her tumultuous history with Gabriel Angelos to the test once more."

You might remember Macha from the first Dawn of War, where she teamed up with the Blood Ravens hero Angelos a bit but mostly he kept dicking about and releasing demons because oooh Space Marines think they're so clever and nothing can go wrong because their dad will come save them. Anyway! This page says a little about her abilities in Dawn of War III, and will say more about the rest of the Eldar units as this big ol' revealathon continues.

It's the third faction I most want to meet: the Orks. I love those lads.

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