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Warzone Buy Stations: how to get Killstreaks, Loadouts, and more

Hint: Buy Stations are your best chance of winning matches

Need a hand finding and using Buy Stations? Then you've come to the right place. Buy Stations are scattered throughout the enormous world of Call Of Duty: Warzone Pacific. And it's a good thing too, because these Stations are unbelievably powerful repositories of goodness. Our Call Of Duty: Warzone Buy Stations guide will walk you through everything you can buy, where you can find these stations, and the best ways of earning enough Cash to use them.

Call Of Duty: Warzone Buy Stations

Accruing Cash during your Call Of Duty: Warzone matches is incredibly important, and Buy Stations are the reason why. With Buy Stations, you'll be able to respawn dead teammates, replenish equipment, buy powerful Killstreak rewards, and even purchase your ideal weapon loadout. Below you can find pretty much everything you'll ever need to know about Buy Stations in Warzone.

Buy Stations overview - what can you buy?

The below table details exactly what you can purchase at Buy Stations in Call Of Duty: Warzone. Note that the prices for certain of these items will drop if you have the Hardline perk as part of your active loadout.

Armor Plate Bundle£1,500Five Armor Plates used for replacing broken armor.
Gas Mask$3,000Provides 12 seconds of protection from the encroaching gas before breaking.
Cluster Strike$3,000Signal for a number of cluster mortars to hit the designated location.
Preicision Airstrike$3,500Call in twin jets for a precision strike along the best available path.
UAV$4,000UAV recon ship that reveals enemy locations on the minimap.
Self-Revive Kit$4,500Allows for self-revive when you're downed.
Munitions Box$5,000Deploy a box of ammo and equipment for you and your teammates.
Armor Box$6,000Deploy a box of Armor Plates for you and your teammates.
Loadout Drop Marker$10,000Marks a location and deploys a supply drop, allowing your team to pick-up a loadout, including perks.
Redeployment$4,500Spend currency to redeploy a squadmate that's been eliminated from the game.

Lethal Killstreaks are the flashiest wares on offer, but far more integral to your success are the UAV, the Self-Revive Kit, and - best of all - the Loadout Drop Marker, which both you and your teammates can use to equip their perfect preset loadouts. Saving enough Cash to redeploy a fallen teammate is also extremely worthwhile, not least because of how quick it often is for a teammate starting from nothing to suddenly become very handily kitted out. Particularly if there happens to be a Loadout Drop nearby.

Call Of Duty Warzone map
It took me over an hour to piece together this ultra-high-resolution map of Verdansk for you, dear reader. Be a pal and right-click it, then select Open Link in New Tab to view it at full 3k resolution, to make all the effort worthwhile!

Warzone Buy Station locations

You can see the locations of all Buy Stations across Verdansk by viewing the map or minimap. Each Buy Station will be marked with a shopping trolley icon.

There are approximately 50 Buy Stations on the map each match, but the total number of possible Buy Station locations is much larger, which means Buy Station locations won't be the same from match to match. However, the spread of Stations across the map appears fairly consistent, so you should never be too far away from a Buy Station.

It's worth noting that you can ping Buy Stations on the map or in-world to mark them for your team, and eliminated squad members have the option to ping the nearest Buy Station to request their teammate redeploy them.

How to earn Cash for Buy Stations

So, how should you go about earning enough Cash to purchase these wonderful rewards from Buy Stations in Warzone? Let's go over the main methods:

  • Looting. As well as finding weapons, ammo, Armor Plates, and all sorts of other equipment scattered across the map, you'll also frequently come across stacks of Cash in varying amounts.
  • Completing Contracts. Picking up a contract dossier will start a contract for your squad. It might be to hold a particular location for a short time, or it might be to hunt and kill a certain player, or open supply boxes - just to name a few examples. Completing these contracts will earn you quite a bit of Cash to supplement your looting endeavours.
  • Eliminating enemy players. Often the most lucrative method of earning Cash, if you kill an enemy player (full-kill, not just knock), then they will drop all the Cash they had on them at the time, allowing you to pick it all up. High risk, but high reward.

Unless you're playing Warzone's Plunder mode, I wouldn't stress too much about accruing Cash. Don't get me wrong, it's extremely important that you do so: but as things stand, Cash is not hard to come by. Rarely have I played a match where I didn't end up earning enough Cash to purchase whatever I wanted from the nearest Buy Station.

Call Of Duty Warzone Buy Stations

With that, you know about as much as I do about Buy Stations in the new Call Of Duty: Warzone Battle Royale. But that's not all the wisdom I have to impart! Check out our other Warzone guides for more invaluable info and tips.

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