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Watch Dogs 2 Launch Trailer Ready To Hack The Planet


No one believes me when I say I adore the style of Watch Dogs 2 [official site]. They tell me the open-world crime simulator is trying far too hard to be cool, that it's nothing at all like real hacking or real hacker culture, that it barely knows what a computer even is, that the memes it blasts are woefully outdated, that it looks like it was designed for teens by a committee of dads. Yes, I absolutely agree with all of that - and adore it. Watch Dogs 2 looks like the Hackers sequel I've waited twenty years for.

The game's not out on PC until the end of the month but the launch trailer is already here. Ubi must have been hacked, yeah?

Watch on YouTube

Yorp, while the game's not even hitting consoles until Tuesday, the 15th, here's the launch trailer. The Windows release is due on November 29th. As is tradition, Ubisoft announced a PC delay less than a month before launch. What we played was fun and at least the PC port sounds promising on paper. Cyberpaper.

My questions are more along the lines of: will new protagonist Marcus Holloway dual wield floppies (or USB thumbsticks)?

Marcus will get to wear mirrorshades, right?

Which 1337 fizzy pop will Marcus drink?

Will Marcus be confounded and appalled by old technology?

What will the insides of computers look like?

And cyberspace?

What will happen if Marcus messes with the best?

No, really?

Keep on hacking the planet, gang.

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