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What are we all playing this weekend?


People in the UK: remember that the clocks go back this weekend. People in America: don't mind that, your clocks go back next weekend. Thus we enter the confusing week where I look at announcements in my inbox and times on my calendar and try real hard not to blow it. Then as soon as I get my head around it, American clocks change too. Anyway!

What are you playing this weekend? Here's what we're clicking on!

Alice Bee

Alice is away!


I'm in the mood to fall deep into a giant open-world RPG with people to meet and systems to master, but none have my eye at the moment so I'm continuing to learn the mechanics of bicycles. Last weekend I replaced a chain (tense but pleasing to pop out links with a special tool) and this weekend I've got two new inner tubes and a new tyre to go on. Turns out, learning mechanics nicely satisfies the desire to learn game mechanics - and once you've fixed your bike you can go on a nice long ride through the countryside.


This weekend I will mostly be trying to avoid sawblades of varying sizes in Disc Room. I will also, no doubt, die loads.


Spelunky 2 has been a constant in my life since its release, and I'll definitely be returning for runs at the daily challenge this weekend. I've reached into world 6 now, and can get past the first few worlds with some regularity, but still die suddenly and violently every time. It's great.


Despite being a professional wuss, I've managed to get properly into Phasmophobia. Normally, I'm the sort of person that says "Hey let's play a horror game!" then hands you the controller, so I'm quite pleased with myself that I haven't launched my keyboard across the room in fear yet (I did this once playing Outlast, I don't remember how).


I'm back on the Doom Eternal train this weekend, and so far I'm really enjoying it. I'm playing it on Stadia of all things, which is less than ideal given the patchy internet in the specific corner on the room where my PC lives, but it's just about doable. Then again, I'll put up with just about anything so long as I can hear that delicious eye popping effect whenever I do a glory kill on a rogue Cacodemon. That, my friends, is true art.


Got a big old open world-game to review at the moment, so that will take a bite out of the weekend. But beyond that, I've rediscovered the scenario editor in (guess what) Age Of Empires 2, and I'm making a weird, heavily abstracted tower defence-ish game called "Activate The Man Ray". It's actually... pretty great? I'm calling it: this is the next Dota.


Ollie is on hols.

But you, dearest reader, what are you playing?

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