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Ollie Toms

22 hours ago

Feature: He can't be bleat

The Witcher 3 combat tips: how to beat any foe with ease

Combat in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is a beast of two natures. At its best, it is elegant and satisfying, and rewards careful preparation. At its worst, it's like banging your head against a wall. Good thing we've compiled the below The Witcher 3 combat tips then, to help you achieve the former and steer clear of the latter!

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6 days ago

Feature: A Song of Steel and Silver

The Witcher 3 best weapons: the best swords for early game and late game

Few feelings in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt are as sweet as knowing that your dear White Wolf is equipped with the best weapons in the entire game. Our Witcher 3 best weapons guide will help you to reach these same heavenly euphoric heights of destruction, with our cherry-picked list of the very best steel and silver swords on offer.

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Feature: Which Witcher school should you pick?

The Witcher 3 armor sets: how to get the best Witcher gear

The Witcher 3 armor and gear sets are your go-to source for the strongest armor and weaponry in the game for our dear old Butcher of Blaviken. Each belonging to a different witcher school, the blueprints for these unique pieces of equipment must be tracked down in Scavenger missions, then crafted with very particular materials - all of which we'll cover in our The Witcher…

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1 week ago

Feature: Become a true Butcher of Blaviken

The Witcher 3 tips: the essential guide for beginners

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is many things to many people. But if you asked me, I'd describe it as sprawling, magnificent, and frequently baffling - particularly to newer players. So I thought I'd help lessen the load for those still at the beginning of their monster-hunting journey with these 12 Witcher 3 tips for beginners. Stick to these juicy nuggets of wisdom and you'll…

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Feature: A game of two halves

Ether Loop is excellent, and I am terrible

It is my estimation, as someone who has played literally ones of such games, that a good bullet hell should make you say two things. The first: "This is fun!" The second: "I am so bad at this!" I arrived at this conclusion after reviewing the hasty observations I'd scrawled during an hour playing top-down roguelite bullet hell Ether Loop, and realising that every single…

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Feature: All Supply Bins and Weapon Drop locations revealed!

Apex Legends map guide (Season 4) – World’s Edge best locations and loot

Hammond Robotics have a lot to answer for. Season 4 of Apex Legends has seen the deployment of the new Planet Harvester at the centre of World's Edge, which is wreaking all sorts of interesting havoc upon the rest of the Apex Legends locations, and leaving certain areas almost unrecognisable. Our Apex Legends map guide for Season 4 will not only go through all the…

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Feature: Sorting your Charge Rifles from your Sentinels

Apex Legends loadout guide (Season 4): best weapon combos, popular loadouts

Your Apex Legends loadout should be something you're constantly thinking about over the course of a match. Out of 23 unique guns in Apex Legends, you can only hold two at any given time. It's a design choice that forces you to constantly reassess your needs, and make sure you pick the right tools for the task ahead. Our Apex Legends loadout guide will walk…

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Feature: Think you'll know all of these? Skip to Expert

100 Apex Legends tips (Season 4) – Apex Legends guide with practical top tips for all skill levels

Apex Legends sure did sink its polished claws into us here in the office back in February 2019; and none were as inescapably gripped as I, who spent the following months solidly diving down again and again upon Kings Canyon in search of guns, attachments, kills, wins, and above all, knowledge. I've spent hundreds of hours in-game collating the below Apex Legends tips and tricks…

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Feature: "A dead man overthinks, a ready man survives."

Apex Legends Crypto guide – abilities, hitbox, Crypto tips and tricks

Season 4 of Apex Legends is here, and Crypto is no longer the latest Legend to be added to the ever-expanding roster of colourful, powerful characters. But that's not to say his day in the sun is over. Crypto's skillset is still unlike anything we've seen so far, and opens up a whole new way of playing this fantastic high-octane battle royale. Our Apex Legends…

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Feature: Must construct additional Pylons

Apex Legends Wattson guide: Wattson tips and tricks, abilities, hitbox

Two seasons later, and Wattson is still probably the most defence- and support-focused Apex Legends character we've seen so far, with her unique electrical fences and Interception Pylons allowing teams to turtle like never before. We'll break it all down in this here Apex Legends Wattson guide, with in-depth explanations and tips on her abilities, hitbox, playstyle, and much more.

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Feature: The fastest legs on World's Edge

Apex Legends Octane guide: abilities, hitbox, Octane tips and tricks

Season 4 has arrived at last, and Octane, the high-speed daredevil released with Season 1, is now far from the newest Apex Legends character. But he's still a force to be reckoned with, able to run rings around other players and regenerate health passively over time. Our Apex Legends Octane guide will help you to better understand his abilities and the high- ahem, -octane playstyle…

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Feature: Let's play Bamboozle!

Apex Legends Mirage guide: Mirage tips and tricks, abilities, hitbox

Mirage, the so-called Holographic Trickster of Apex Legends characters, is perhaps the most satisfying Legend to play as when things go right. When you pull off that perfectly timed bamboozle or distraction with your holographic decoys... Man, it feels great. What's more, there's a fair amount more utility to Mirage's abilities than you might think. Our Apex Legends Mirage guide will show you how to…

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Feature: The gas giant of Apex Legends

Apex Legends Caustic guide – abilities, hitbox, Caustic tips and tricks

Caustic, despite his premium status as one of the characters in Apex Legends who must be unlocked through Legend Tokens or Apex Coins, was always one of the most underperforming Legends in the game thanks to his bulky hitbox. But nowadays, Caustic is much tankier and deadlier than he ever used to be, and there's no better time to start learning how to play as…

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Feature: The Bullet Sponge has never been Spongier

Apex Legends Gibraltar guide: abilities, hitbox, Gibraltar tips and tricks

Season 4 has launched, and, just like with Season 3, it's a good time to be a Gibraltar main in Apex Legends. We'll break down all the reasons why in this Apex Legends Gibraltar guide, with in-depth explanations and stats on his abilities, and useful top tips on how to increase your kill and win rate as this tankiest of Legends.

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Feature: Who's ready to fly on a Zipline?

Apex Legends Pathfinder guide: Pathfinder tips and tricks, abilities, hitbox

Pathfinder may not look all that swift, but prepare to be flummoxed, because he is in fact one of the most mobile Apex Legends characters out there. Pathfinder's abilities, particularly his Grappling Hook, are extremely mobility- and momentum-focused, and greatly reward players who look for unexpected angles and wide flanks during fights. As possibly the character with the highest skill ceiling in the game, it's…

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Feature: Fancy a smoke?

Apex Legends Bangalore guide: abilities, hitbox, Bangalore tips and tricks

Bangalore has always been right up there with Wraith, Lifeline, and Octane at the top of most players' Apex legends character tier lists, and it looks like that will continue to be the case heading into Season 4. She's highly mobile, easy to learn, difficult to deal with, and comes equipped with a variety of versatile tools to help her team gain the upper hand…

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Feature: Allfather, bless me with sight

Apex Legends Bloodhound guide: Bloodhound tips and tricks, abilities, hitbox

Bloodhound has always been an asset to any team of Apex Legends characters, with a handy and unique selection of abilities all revolving around positional awareness and hunting down enemies. But since Season 3, Bloodhound has had competition in the other Recon-focused Legend, Crypto - so how useful is Bloodhound now? Of course, the answer is still "very" - so what better time to scroll…

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Feature: Lifeline + Ultimate Accelerants = Victory

Apex Legends Lifeline guide: abilities, hitbox, Lifeline tips and tricks

Among the Apex Legends characters roster, Lifeline is commonly (and rightly) thought of as the healer or support class; but despite this, she has absolutely no trouble dishing out as much damage to her foes as anyone. There are some excellent reasons to play as Lifeline beyond offering a helping hand to your teammates, and our Apex Legends Lifeline guide is the perfect place to…

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Feature: Chell, eat your heart out

Apex Legends Wraith guide – abilities, hitbox, Wraith tips and tricks

Since the release of Apex Legends, Wraith has been considered by many the strongest all-round character in the game, and it looks like this will continue to be the case heading into Season 4. A high skill ceiling with abilities that can be used to great effect both offensively and defensively, and a hitbox so small it can often seem like she dances between your…

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2 weeks ago

Feature: Farewell Turbocharger, you shall be missed

Apex Legends attachments (Season 4) – best attachments for every weapon, all Hop Ups explained

Given how much Respawn like to change around their repository of Apex Legends attachments, it can be difficult to keep track of which attachments are in the game, which are gone, and which to prioritise while looting up. But fear not - our Apex Legends attachments guide will walk you through every single attachment in Apex Legends, with up-to-date descriptions and stats on each one.

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