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What Are We All Playing This Weekend?


Happy Goth Christmas, everyone!
What a day to sing Goth Christmas carols
Wear Goth Christmas jumpers
And eat traditional Goth Christmas feasts
Ho ho hisssssss!
If you dare, brief mortal, peep above the covers this weekend, what shall you do?
What shall you play?
Here's what we dare play:

Adam: Over the next forty eight hours, I'll sink myself into the most diverse gaming diet imaginable. There are only two games on the menu but they represent two extremes. One is a theatrical, metafictional parade of horrors and dark wit, and the other is Football Manager 2016. When I'm not exploring the features and bugs of Sports Interactive's recently released beta, I'll be working my way through Pathologic HD. From in-depth strategic sports simulation to arthouse mystery horrors, and from the "sand plague" to the machinations of UEFA and FIFA - the one constant will be the sense of creeping corruption.
Alec: I'm over-optimistically watching my inbox for Fallout 4 code, but I suspect that's a while off, alas. So what I'm going to do instead is play Pathologic Classic HD, as I never quite managed to play the original even though it's been on my hard drive for years. I lived it vicariously through Quinns' inspiring write-ups, but with a theoretically improved translation and voice-acting, now's the time to finally experience what people were raving about last decade for myself. Finger on the pulse of videogames culture, me. I also keep loading up Batman: Arkham Knight and trying on different DLC outfits, then become profoundly bored when I start playing the game proper.
Alice: I'm playing The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth and have no time for frippery.

I am also watching Bob Ross on Twitch on my second screen, mind.

Graham: I've got review code for Anno 2205 and pre-order beta access to Football Manager 2016, so it's going to be a fight as to which nerdy management game steals most of my time. If I am honest, I might prefer something more immediate, and Galak-Z has just made the leap from console to PC... Hmm.
John: [What's John doing this weekend? We may never know, unless you keep reporting sightings. I've heard nothing about what he's doing or playing this weekend, have none of you seen him? Was he... preparing for Halloween? Is... is John a dracula? Is John the king dracula?]
Philippa: Mate, Worlds is still on so I'm still watching other people play League of Legends within weekends. If I get back early enough on Sunday I'll be putting a few hours into the Overwatch beta though. Or speedrunning Hexcells. Is that a thing?

But you, dearest reader, what are you playing?

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