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What are we all playing this weekend?


My my, you were expecting one Alice and seem to have found another. How... spooky. Yes, Alice O is away, but luckily I'm here to poke behind the curtains and look in the cupboards at the treehouse.

I've shaken out some RPS staffers to tell you what we're all playing this weekend. So go on, then. What?


Alec is away away away away so far far far far far far far far away.

Alice Bee

I'm going to try and play Return of the Obra Dinn because everyone has been flipping out about it. Including our own Matthew Castle, who reviewed it and gave it a Bestest Best! I love detectives and detective things and Matthew says no game has captured the thrill of deduction like Obra Dinn. So I am excited to play it! I've also downloaded some cowboy game or other, but I doubt I will ever have time in my entire life to play it. It hasn't even finished downloading and I have buyer's remorse.

Alice L

I'm going to be finishing off The Hex this weekend after starting it and loving it last weekend. I'll also probably dip back into Overwatch to have a go at this year's Halloween event. Time to get spooky.

Alice O

Alice is probably in a loch somewhere.


I'm doing the cowboy thing.


This weekend may be the last weekend I get to try and finish Assassin's Creed Odyssey, though I'm honestly starting to get a little fatigued by it. I may splice in some time with that here Western game that seems to be immensely popular, but it's more likely that I'll just hop onto DragonBall FighterZ for a few rounds if I have the time to spare.


I'm still carving out time for Forza Horizon 4 whenever possible. It's got to the point where I've even dragged other people into playing it as well - John, Matthew and I are going to do a verdict on it next week. Here is one new reason why I love it: I just unlocked the Jaguar XJ220, a car that I was obsessed with as a little kid. I had toys of it and used to print out pictures of it and stick them on my wall. It's very fast and I find it completely undriveable and I am thrilled that it's in my pretend garage.


John is fired.


With Matthew camped out in front of the cowboy game this weekend, I'll probably be digging into some more Into the Breach on my Switch (yes, I know, sorry, sorry), or solving lots of sea murders in The Return of the Obra Dinn - anything, really, that doesn't involve a stetson or staring at a horse's arse.


I too bought the cowboy game, after finishing Ass Creed Odyssey in time to give myself a few days break between stupidly massive open world games. I look forward to ogling the locational mud splatters with a mixture of regret and awe.


Joke's on Katharine - she thinks I'm playing Red Dead, but I'm actually playing Westerado, an excellent cowboy-flavoured murder mystery that has you learning the physical description of a baddie so you can hunt them down in an open world. Alec's review explains it more neatly. (Full disclosure: I would be playing THE cowboy game, but my copy didn't turn up. Joke is actually on me.)


I will be playing Red Dead Redemption 2 this weekend on the PlayStation 4 and nothing else. Sorry PC, you lose this round.

And you, most valued reader, what are you playing? Only one of you is allowed to say Red Dead Redemption 2.

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