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Dave Irwin

5 months ago

Feature: A speed runner's dream

Have You Played… Velocity 2X?

If I wasn't writing about games, I likely would never have heard of Futurlab's Velocity. It was a top down shooter that had a unique hook: what if your space ship could teleport? The result was a slick game that was a lot of fun to play. Velocity 2X added 2D platformer sections interlaced in most levels. It was even better!

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Feature: Who knew Pac-Man could be tense?

Have You Played… Pac-Man Championship Edition DX+?

Can you honestly say with a straight face that Pac-Man has seen the same success he once saw 40 years ago? He's been rebooted an embarrassing number of times; I still have nightmares about his "Ghostly Adventures". However, I'd argue that Pac-Man Championship Edition DX+ (or Pac-Man DX+ for short) was one of the two times that Bandai Namco were onto something great.

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6 months ago

Feature: How to find and slay the cultist sages

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey cultists – all the Cult of Kosmos locations

At a specific point in Assassin's Creed Odyssey, you'll come across a nasty group of people that call themselves the Cult of Kosmos. Their collective goal is to bend the world to their whims by prolonging the Peloponnesian war, terrorising the local populace, and causing widespread chaos.Assassinating them all becomes one of Alexios or Kassandra's main focuses of their odyssey. To work out who the major…

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Feature: The best workshops for your town

Mount And Blade 2 Bannerlord workshop: the best ways to get resources

Mount And Blade 2 Bannerlord does allow you to develop settlements into money making machines, but in order to get the most gold flowing through your town, you need to ensure that you have the right infrastructure in place. Setting up workshops is key to doing this and there are some workshops that are better for your specific towns than others.

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Feature: How to choose the best Temtem types for your squad

Temtem type chart: strengths and weaknesses of all 12 Temtem types

Temtem has a similar approach to a lot of JRPGs. It uses types to determine how effective attacks are against a specific ally or enemy. As a Temtem tamer, it's your job to ensure that you keep your squad safe and exploit enemy weaknesses.But given that we haven't had over 20 years to learn which types are effective against which type, it can be handy…

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Feature: Finding the hypnosis Temtem

Temtem Hocus: location of this powerful Temtem

Most of the new Temtem introduced in the latest expansion were exclusive to the Kisiwa region, but with the climbing gloves now available there is one of the older Temtem that is now reachable. Hocus is a powerful mental type Temtem and well worth looking for if you didn't choose the mental type starter.

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Temtem Tuwai: shrine locations, how to evolve into Tuvine, Tukai, or Turoc

While you're given this Temtem at the very start of the game, there's more to Tuwai than meets the eye. If you're familiar with Pokémon, you'll know that Eevee can evolve into multiple different forms. Tuwai is the same, but the steps involved are a little more complicated than it would initially seem.

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Feature: A memorable birthday celebration

Have You Played… Sonic Adventure 2?

Sonic Adventure 2 is more of a footnote in the Sonic series history these days, but back in 2001 it was an event. Sega wanted to make a big deal out of the fact their hedgehog had reached 10 years old. There was a demo CD bundled with Phantasy Star Online. Sonic Adventure 2 even had a worldwide release - a rarity in the early…

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Feature: All the Temtems!

Temtem list: all the Kisiwa Temtem

A new region means brand new Temtem to hunt! This update adds quite a few battles and equipment, and it does seem like the new Temtem are powerful new additions to your team. But where do you find them and which ones take a few more steps to locate? Well we've updated our Temtem list so that you have an easy-to-find guide for all the…

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Feature: Full Temtem leader teams

Temtem dojos: how to beat the leaders

A new region means new dojo leaders. Their teams are rather formidable and you'll need to prepare in advance if you want to overcome them. But their dojo puzzles are also somewhat obtuse, with the fourth dojo having the absolute worst puzzle I've seen in a long time. If you're stuck on that sliding puzzle, this guide has the solution.

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Feature: Details on all the crops and every location for hidden items.

Ooblets items: where to get Clothlets and Froobtose

To meet new Ooblets and have dance battles with them, you need specific items. Some items need to be grown in your farm, while others require to be processed in other facilities.It can all be very confusing, so I thought I'd put everything you need for all the items into one place.

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Feature: Choosing your Ooblet club

Ooblets guide: tips for beginners

Monster collecting games have been very popular for decades, but there have been few examples on PC. I first heard of Ooblets many years ago, but it is now in Early Access on Epic Games Store, complete with dancing plant-like creatures.But what is Ooblets? How do you farm your creatures, and how do you raise your dance troupe to be the best movers and shakers…

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Feature: These zombies like big surprises

Have You Played… Resident Evil 2 (the remake)?

It's funny how remaking a game can give you a wholly different vibe. The original Resident Evil 2 was a great game for its time, but by today's standards it's as scary as a children's Halloween costume, unless you're playing it for the very first time. The Resident Evil 2 remake, however, is a modern horror masterpiece.

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Feature: Getting the PC Half-Life exclusive stuff

Death Stranding Half-Life cube locations: how to get the gravity glove

The PC version of Death Stranding is finally here. To make up for the long wait, there is some Half-Life stuff that has been added to the game. To get the items, you'll need to find companion cubes with clues to their locations hidden in emails.While the most intriguing inclusion is the gravity glove thanks to its ability to drag in items from a short…

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Feature: How to catch fish

Terraria fishing guide: quest rewards and fish locations

If there's one thing about Terraria that is relatively peaceful, it's sitting on the bank of a large body of water, hooking your bait and casting out a lure. Of course, while fishing you need to keep a watchful eye for not just the moment when you get a bite, but also on enemies sneaking up behind you.In this Terraria fishing guide, we will tell…

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