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Mount & Blade II Bannerlord workshops: The best workshop for each city

How to optimise your gold income and resource production in Bannerlord using workshops

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What is the best workshop for each city in Bannerlord? Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord allows you to develop your settlements into money making machines! But in order to get the most gold flowing through your town, you need to ensure that you have the right infrastructure in place. Setting up workshops is key to doing this, and there are some workshops that are better for specific towns than others.

On this page, we will detail which workshops are the best choice for each town, how to set up workshops, and which resources are the best for your towns.

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Best workshops in Bannerlord for each town

The best way to optimise your gold income and resource output in Bannerlord is to ensure that you have the right type(s) of workshop in each settlement. On the table below, you'll find the resource that each town produces the most of, the workshop you need to construct to take advantage of this, and how many villages feed the resource into the town.

TownCommon ResourcesBest WorkshopsNumber of input villages
AkkalatWoolWool Weavery2 villages
AmitatysGrainBrewery2 villages
AmprelaCottonVelvet Weavery2 villages
ArgoronHardwoodWood workshop1 village
AskarGrainBrewery3 villages
BalgardFlaxLinen Weavery2 villages
BaltakhandWoolWool Weavery3 villages
Car BansethHardwoodWood Workshop2 villages
ChaikandGrain, SilverBrewery, Silversmith2 villages (grain), 1 village (silver)
CharasOlivesOlive Press2 villages
DanusticaClayPottery Shop2 villages
DiathmaFishNone1 village
DunglanysGrainBrewery1 village
EpicroteaIron OreSmithy2 villages
GalenOlivesOlive Press2 villages
HubyarFlax, OlivesLinen Weavery, Olive Press1 village per resource
Husn FulqGrain, ClayBrewery, Pottery1 village per resource
IyakisGrain, OlivesBrewery, Olive Press1 village per resource
JaculanOlivesOlive Press3 villages
JalmarysGrainBrewery1 village
LagetaOlives, Iron Ore, Grain, HardwoodOlive Press, Smithy, Brewery, Wood Workshop1 village per resource
LycaronWoolWool Weavery1 village
MakebHardwood, Iron OreWood workshop, Smithy1 village per resource
MarunathGrain, Iron OreBrewery, Smithy1 village per resource
MyzeaCottonVelvet Weavery2 villages
Ocs HallGrainBrewery2 villages
OdokClayPottery Shop2 villages
OmorGrainBrewery2 villages
OniraSilverSilversmith1 village
OrtongardHardwoodWood workshop1 village
OrtysiaOlivesOlive Press1 village
OsticanOlivesOlive Press1 village per resource
Pen CannocGrapesWinery2 villages
PhycaonGrainBrewery2 villages
PorosWoolWool Weavery2 villages
PravendOlivesOlive Press2 villages
QasiraGrainBrewery1 village
QuyazFlax, OlivesLinen Weavery, Olive Press1 village per resource
RazihDatesNone2 villages
RevylFlaxLinen Weavery1 village
RhotaeGrainBrewery2 villages
RovaltIron OreSmithy1 village
SanalaGrainBrewery3 villages
SaneopaGrainBrewery2 villages
SargotGrainBrewery2 villages
SeononHardwoodWood Workshop2 villages
SibirCowsNone2 villages
SyroneaOlivesOlive Press1 village
TyalWoolWool Weavery2 villages
VanovapoolIron OreSmithy1 village
VarchegFlaxLinen Weavery1 village
VostrumGrainBrewery2 villages
ZeonicaGrainBrewery2 villages

What are workshops in Bannerlord?

Each town can produce certain resources better than others depending on the villages that are linked to that settlement. To take advantage of these resources, you can construct workshops to refine them into more valuable goods.You can learn more about settlements, and how to get your own in our settlements guide.

If you need to make a new workshop in a town, head to the market areas. Look around and you'll find an NPC labelled as a "shop owner". You can buy the shop from them and assign it to be one of several types.

Once you have developed some workshops, go into the trade menu in the settlement to see what is being produced. Here is a list of what each raw ingredient can be turned into:

  • Grain: Brewery > Beer
  • Grapes: Wine press > Wine
  • Olives: Olive press > Oil
  • Cotton: Velvet weavery > Velvet clothing
  • Flax: Linen weavery > Clothing
  • Wool: Wool weavery > Clothing
  • Clay: Pottery shop > Pottery
  • Rawhide: Tannery > Light armour/Leather
  • Hardwood: Wood Workshop > Bows/Arrows/Shields
  • Iron Ore: Smithy > Weapons/Armour/Tools
  • Silver: Silversmith > Jewellery

The idea is that there are certain villages that increase the production of resources in that town quicker than other resources. So if your villages specialise in producing grain for example, you should prioritise creating a brewery in that town to maximise its production of beer.

The workshop management screen in Bannerlord allows you to alter your town's focus.

Whatever you produce a lot of can be traded between towns with caravans, and more information about trade can be found in our trade guide.

Your Bannerlord settlements should now be producing a lot more resources to sell to other towns, and you'll soon be sitting on a tidy fortune! If you want more Bannerlord guidance, be sure to check out our guides to Bannerlord sieges and Bannerlord quests before you go.

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