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Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord villager requests: How to take on side quests in Bannerlord

How to complete every villager request in Bannerlord

Want to know how to handle villager requests in Bannerlord? Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord has a whole bunch of quests that give you a good direction to head into when first starting out. However, the main questline isn't the only one to follow in the game, as local villagers and nobles also give you requests. These optional side-quests can help improve your renown, which is invaluable for expanding your diplomatic networks.

On this page, we've put together a brief walkthrough on completing every villager request we've found so far in Bannerlord.

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Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord quest list

Most of the quests in the game currently are story quests, but there are a few that are given to you by villagers, notable townsfolk, and even nobles. When completed, they will give you gold and renown, if you made the right choices.

Below is a list of the known quests in the game as of right now. If you're looking for specific instructions, click on the quest title to skip to a brief walkthrough that will help you to complete that request..

Neretze's Folly

Use the Encyclopedia (Press N on the keyboard) to track the following nobles:

  • Lucon
  • Mesui
  • Caladog
  • Derthert
  • Ingalther
  • Unqid
  • Tais
  • Adram
  • Garios
  • Hurunag

Rebuild The Clan

Meet the following requirements:

  • Increase gold by 1000 by completing villager requests.
  • Grow your party to 20 men. You can learn how in our troops guide.
  • Reach Clan Tier 1. Requires 50 renown, gained by completing requests.
  • Hire a companion. Look at our companions guide for tips on how to recruit them.

You need two more pieces after talking to either Istiana or Arzargos. To complete the quest, talk to both Istiana and Arzagos to get the location of two nearby hideouts.

Defeat both hideouts to find both pieces. Return to either Istiana or Arzagos to learn how to create a faction for either side or join a faction.

Create A Faction

Speak to Istiana (Empire) or Azragos (Non-Empire) to set up a clan.

  • Be at Clan Rank 3.
  • Have 100 troops.
  • Be independent.
  • Own a settlement.

Support A Faction

Talk to one of these people and give them the Dragon Banner.


  • Unqid
  • Caladog
  • Monchug
  • Raganvad
  • Derthert


  • Senator Lucon
  • Garios
  • Empress Rhagaea

Unify the Empire

Just capture two thirds of all settlements with Imperial/Non-Imperial culture.

Istiana's Plan / Arzagos's Conspiracy

This one's a little more complicated, so look at our Conspiracy quest guide for more info.

Rescue your Family

After a bit of time, the bandit leader Radagos, who you defeated during the tutorial, will arrive to talk to you. He explains that he found your siblings, but was betrayed by one of his own (Galter). He asks to join you in finding Galter, but wants the pleasure of killing him in return.

You have misgivings about the ordeal, but agree to find the nearby hideout where Galter is apparently keeping your siblings. Head there and you'll meet up with Radagos who explains that Galter is a cunning fellow "in a low and base kind of way."

Kill all the troops leading to Galter, and you'll square off against him and some men. You can choose to either fight him one-on-one, or have your men butcher them. Radagos will then execute Galter. You'll be reunited with your brother Nathanos, who will inform you that your other siblings are fine (if a little shaken). You'll also have the decision to either punish Radagos for his past crimes or let him go since he helped you save your remaining family.

Mount And Blade Bannerlord cheats

Kidnapped Daughter

Journey through different villagers and ask about the kidnapped daughter. When nearby, you'll get a prompt that says "they're still hiding here". Choose take a walk and find the smoke from the fire in a camp just outside of the main village but still in the map.

Choose to either:

  • Convince the girl to go home. She'll do this automatically.
  • Kill her lover in a duel and bring her home.
  • Let them go.

Landlord Needs Access To The Commons

Journey to the location asked to encounter the locals.

Choose either:

  • Side with quest giver to get around 1250 gold, +7 Reputation with quest giver, and -3 Reputation with the non-quest giver village notable NPC
  • Side with the villagers to get +4 Reputation with the non-quest giver village notable NPC and -7 Reputation with quest giver.

Train Troops

Kill enemies that are weaker than you, then return once you have the experience needed.

Gang Leader Needs Weapons

Buy a large quantity of the weapon type asked for in a nearby town. If stopped by a guard, persuade or bribe the guard.

The Spy Among Us

Talk to the locals in the town given to you by the Noble until you get all the clues. Once done, save the game in case the clues given aren't helpful. You'll need to identify the correct suspect standing by the local thugs and accuse him. Kill him in the arena. If you had the right suspect, you'll complete the quest. Kill an innocent duellist and not only will you fail the mission, you'll be suspected of murder.

Landlord Needs Manual Laborers

After accepting this quest, go find some bandits to fight and take as many prisoner as you can. Return to the village and sell them off to complete the quest. You'll need to sell 36 of them in total, but this can be done in multiple visits.

Looking for more Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord guides? Be sure to check out our page on Bannerlord sieges, and our overview of the Bannerlord combat system.

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