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What The Golf? swings onto Steam with a new level editor

Build your own Golf.

Like most jolfing pitches, playing a round of What The Golf? on PC has, until now, the domain of those snooty folks up at the Epic Games Store country club. But no more! The king's game has been democratised, and you can now thwack in a few holes with Triband's wonderful ball-smacker over on Steam, arriving with the tools to hand-craft your own golfing nightmares.

Tee'ing up on Epic last year (and Apple Arcade, and Switch, shh), What The Golf? is a perfectly normal Tiger Woods 'em up about hitting various ball-shaped objects into pockets. Sometimes the ball is a truck. Sometimes the hole is two-dimensional. As I said, nothing out of the ordinary.

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Admittedly a game developed by people who neither care for nor know anything about golf, What The Golf's 500+ holes are a bold exercise in how far you can stretch the concept of golf while still calling it golf. Sometimes golf is a stealth game. Sometimes golf is a puzzle platformer. Sometimes golf is a high-speed drag race. Sometimes golf is love.

New to the Steam launch is an early access version of the level editor, letting you cobble together your own eighteen holes without bulldozing through the Scottish countryside. In a press release, designer Tim Garbos complained that the team's inboxes are constantly filled with level suggestions, so they decided to let folks create their own - though with the tool "permanently in (what we simply like to call) early access alpha beta preview," expect a good bit of jank.

Triband's course was one of the RPS gang's favourite games of EGX 2018, reckoning it was incredibly satisfying even at its most simple crazy golf level. Slap on a SUPERHOT inspired level that shouts "SUPER. PUTT." or stages that turn the game into Angry Birds with a 9-Iron, and you've got a wonderfully daft wee puzzler.

What The Golf? is out now on Steam for 30% off until October 29th at £10.84/€11.75/$13.99.

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