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What The Golf? tumbles into stores in October

Truly the final evolution of any sport is to dunk yourself

We as a society already decided that golf was too dry, and subsequently invented mini golf. But clearly mini golf is now also a bore, and we’re onto What The Golf? which lets you putt a whole array of chaos, including your breakfast, your house, and yourself. It’s a radical acceleration in how we spice up older pastimes for the insatiable attention appetite of the youth, and I for one can’t wait to see where we go from here. For now, though, here’s a trailer.

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The solution to making golf more engaging appears to be just absolutely loading it up with physics. Other flesh games, take note.

Things mostly appear to have a straightforward (if you can describe this mayhem like that) goal of hitting the flag, but the game’s store page does also say “golf boss fights,” which is an intriguing combination of words. It also emphatically states that the game “will NOT make you a better golf player,” just in case you were mistakenly looking for some kind of training and got very lost somewhere along the way.

A clutch of RPSers tried their hands at it at EGX a year or so ago, and were full of praise for its many many gimmicks. “If the full game can keep bouncing ideas off the wall at the same pace then we’re in for a treat,” said Matt. Katherine was partial to the Super Hot homage, which makes a lot of sense because that’s another game with a whole bunch of physics just stuffed on in there.

What The Golf? is scheduled to release on the Epic Games Store for £16/€16 on Tuesday the 1st of October.

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