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What The Golf? tees up for very normal golfing antics today


Golf is a rather good baseline for a game, but it's a bit white bread. A lot of golf games play the sport straight, putting smart shoes on the safe sort of lad you could take home to mum, touring the neatest garden lawns in the northern hemisphere, all under the watchful eyes of a pixellated Tiger Woods. Golf can be awful fun, sure, but you don't half feel like a toff for even being in the vicinity of a 9-Iron.

What The Golf? ain't your grandfather's golf. Throw out the club and bin that ball. The old golf is dead - we're hitting the club with Triband's ridiculous new take on the king's game, teeing off on Windows today.

What is golf, anyway? Here's a very helpful primer that'll assist you next time you're on the green.

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What The Golf? is self-admittedly a game for people who hate golf. It takes a very simple concept: whack a ball, into a hole, with a club - and goes absolutely wild with it. If Desert Golfing is old-fashioned ball-thwacking at its most elegant minimum, What The Golf? is excessive nonsense. At every turn, it questions what a ball, hole or course could even look like. Golf arenas become cities, wars, racetracks and guitar fretboards.

What The Golf? asks the important questions only games can answer. Can golf be football? Can golf be cars? Can golf be love? Can golf be Super Hot?

Some of the RPS caddies took a swing at What The Golf at EGX last year, and had nothing but praise for the constant churn of weird new ways to golf - if cautious whether the game could keep the pace over its full run. Handheld golfers got their hands on What The Golf? via Apple Arcade two weeks ago. From what I hear, it holds up pretty damn well. There should probably not be this many ways to jolf.

What The Golf? is out now on the Epic Games Store for £16/$20. Steam golfers will have to wait for Epic exclusivity to time out next year before picking up a club.

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