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What are we all playing this weekend?


Happy Burns Night, gang! If poetry isn't really your bag, hey, Tam o' Shanter is about something we can all relate to: getting chased by witches on our way home from the pub.

What are you playing this weekend? Here's what we're clicking on!

Alice Bee

This weekend I turn 30 actual human years old. I am celebrating by going to a Harvester (not a joke. I am going to rinse that salad bar). I will also spend a lot of time building things in The Sims 4. I am planning to build Alice0 a tiny home with lots of moss and ferns, custom content permitting.

Alice L

This weekend is a weekend of Skyrim and The Sims 4 - that new Tiny Living stuff pack makes for such a good challenge. Also, I need to binge watch season 2 of Sex Education and finish off YOU season 2. I wasn't a fan of YOU season 2 to begin with, but I'm starting to warm to it and am now completely invested in it. It's been over a week since I last had the chance to sit down and watch TV, so overall, it's a weekend of catching up, cooking lunch for the in laws, shopping for carpets, and fitting games in where I can.


I had meant to revisit Kentucky Route Zero before Act V arrived but it's out next week and welp bit late for that. I'm one pair of trousers away from hitting the 970 level cap in Destiny 2 so I'll be bashing through Iron Banner this weekend.


Astrid has been fired.


Astrid talked up Kentucky Route Zero in a big way at lunch today, saying it was well worth looking at and catching up before the fifth chapter comes out. It's always been one of those games I've heard tons about, but I've never had much time to check it out. Perhaps it will grab me, perhaps it will not. Either way, I reckon it'll take a weekend to get through it.


When Alice challenged me to a tiny build-off in The Sims 4, she had not played the game. I want to stress this, because I am about to suffer a humiliating defeat. Since the challenge was set, I have played the game for: 15 minutes. Alice has played the game for: every waking minute, except for those minutes when she is not watching videos about The Sims to pick up tips. After the competition, when I am dead, please bury my in my tiny house.


I'm looking forward to continuing a little multiplayer Stardew Valley farm I started with some buds ages ago. I'll be the one buggering off to die repeatedly in the mines while they tend to the farm and animals, and obsessively make jam out of all of our crops. For as much as that game has some serious anti-capitalism messages at the beginning, we are making BANK from our sick jams.


It's off to Hard Mode Paris again this weekend for yet another theatre trip, so will likely be playing some Pokémon Sword to keep me occupied on the train, or, shock horror, reading a book. I'm hoping to play some more Disco Elysium tomorrow, though - although I'm greatly saddened that I no longer have a stupidly ultrawide monitor on my desk to take advantage of its new widescreen support. Such is life.


I've felt like my gaming habits have been stagnating a bit, recently, so I've been trying to branch out. I tried Temtem the other night and didn't like it. Hades is very good but most runs feel like they drag out for ages. I am now too bad at Plunkbat for it to be much fun.

So, more Mordhau and Slay The Spire, then.


Just started a Half-Life 2 playthrough as a refresher for the upcoming Alyx. Can't help but imagine it through the lens of VR, making mental checklist of all the horrible shit - headcrabs, manhacks, barnacles - that I don't want to get up in my VR grill.


Nate is away.


Ollie is away.


Dramatic pause. I don't know. I might not play anything? It's been nice not having a hundred new games buzzing around in my head for the last few weeks. Plus Sea Of Thieves is Windows 10 only, so that's not happening. Maybe I'll start shopping and planning to actually plant the tonne of herbs and veg I bought last year before I knew I'd move house. Or finish Crazy Ex Girlfriend. Or just sleep. Heavens.

But you, dearest reader, what are you playing?

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