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What are we all playing this weekend?


Hallo gang, welcome to the long weekend. We won't be properly back until Tuesday because Monday is a bank holiday. For our international readers, I'll explain that bank holidays are... days off work? For many people? But not mandatory so not everyone? Mostly it's service workers still working, though they perhaps need a break most? And we have these because reasons? I genuinely do not know. They are days off work. I'm reminded of when an American asked me to explain Guy Fawkes Night and I didn't know whether we were celebrating the foiling of a plot to burst the monarch or the fact that someone gave it a damn good try.

What are you playing this long weekend? Here's what we're clicking on!


Alec is away away away so far away.

Alice Bee

Alice has the post-Gamescom frazzles.

Alice O

Now the football's back on, this weekend I'm going to watch a load of other people play something - mon the Hibees! I'm still committing crimes and dispensing dadly advice in Yakuza 0 too, having been somewhat distracted by its money-making ventures because I wanted enough of a fortune to give sweetie money to everyone in Kamurocho and Sotenbori. I just want to be a good wrestledad, even to the dads.


Brendy has the Gamescom Lurgy.


I've decided that I've played more than enough Monster Hunter: World, and God of War kept me busy for a little bit, but I think I'd be putting off the inevitable if I didn't either play Shenmue I & II or Yakuza 0. This August bank holiday may be a good time to begin something new anyway, given that I have an extra day to myself. I may also be heading to a board game cafe over the course of the weekend, because there's certainly a few games I'd like to try before I buy.


I've gone on an installation spree ahead of the long weekend. I've got Barbearian, which is about a bear fighting things; I've got The King's Bird, which is about a bird flying, I assume; I've got preview code for Frozen Synapse 2, which is about turn-based battling in proc gen cities, obviously. I can't wait to play none of these games and instead only tap happily on Holedown while doing poos..


John has simply been fired.


After many late nights and early mornings trying to figure out exactly what a Giga Ray is and how many wiffle ops and piffle bots are in Nvidia's new RTX cards this week, I will be playing that classic and most storied game of long weekends: sleep. And probably a bit of that Bad North pillaging, too, because it's just so darn adorable.


Matt has been fired and all.


I liked what I saw of Darksiders 3 at Gamescom. The game's a big Metroid-y thing where you hunt the seven deadly sins in any order you want in a vast labyrinthine city and it made me want to revisit Darksiders 2. Conveniently, the first two games are going for the price of a Pret A Manger hot wrap on Steam, so it feels like the planets are aligning on this one. I might also make my third attempt to get into Hollow Knight; too many smart people like it for me to keep shrugging off the first hour.


This weekend I am going to be playing Oikospiel and Infra based on Alice O's recommendations. I'll also probably dust off that old copy of Deadly Premonition I own and play that for the first time... not specifically because Alice told me to but...

But you, dearest reader, what are you playing?

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