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When will the Warzone nuke event and new map arrive?

A nuke in Verdansk.

Warzone is always keeping people guessing, and a nuke event has been teased for what feels like ages. Well, hopefully we’ll be seeing it soon along with a new map. Here’s what we know about Warzone’s nuke event and new map to replace Verdansk so far.

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Zombies in Warzone - how do they work?

The Outbreak event has already led to a lot of Zombies content being added into Warzone. The Shipwreck area is filled with undead who can be killed in exchange for some pretty reliable loot. However, players expect the Zombies to pour out of the map and start causing carnage elsewhere, as we discuss in episode 1 of Warzone Audio Bang.

When the Outbreak event ends on Thursday 11th March, we’ll likely see the Zombies take to the streets and start infecting other parts of the map.

When will Verdansk get a nuke event?

It’s looking more and more likely that some kind of ‘nuke event’ will happen in Warzone. We’ve been expecting it for a while, but big changes to Verdansk have been few and far between. However, according to Zesty Cod Leaks, who have been correct about a number of predictions recently, we’ll be seeing a ‘Plague’ mode in Warzone. Plague is described as a mode in which Zombies have taken over Verdansk and you have to take it back, and if you fail to do so a nuke is detonated in Verdansk.

This may be why the three nuclear bunkers opened in Season 2, and could explain from a narrative standpoint when things will start changing in Verdansk.

It’s expected that the latest changes will arrive after the Outbreak mode ends, but I reckon we’ll see a slow rollout of Zombies infecting more and more of the map before a nuke event actually takes place. I’ll keep this page updated when more information is released, of course.

Is a new map arrive in Warzone?

Many speculate that a brand new map is coming to Warzone as a replacement or addition to the Verdansk we all know and love. VGC have claimed that Season 2 will be the last to take place in Verdansk, and this means it’s likely we’ll see a brand new map upon the launch of Season 3, on April 22nd. Given what we know about the Plague mode and the upcoming nuclear annihilation of Verdansk, this’ll probably be the storyline reason for the missile silos opening up around the map.

The new map is rumoured to be the Ural Mountains, which we’ve seen before in the Fireteam Dirty Bomb game mode. TheGamingRevolution claims we’ll see the Plague mode introduced at the end of Outbreak, and when the new season launches in April the Ural Mountains map will be unleashed.

That’s what we know about when the Verdansk is going to be nuked! While you wait, why not try out some of our sweet, fancy loadouts though? We have advice on being the best at the AUG, as well as tips on how to make the FFAR 1 your go-to gun of choice.

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