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Here's When XCOM 2 Will Unlock (Today For Some!)

We get it at 11pm

It's X-COM a-gogo round here today, with Xenonauts 2 confirmed and XCOM 2 [official site] out on Frida- wait, actually it's out today for some. Publishers 2K Games have shared XCOM 2's exact release times across the globe, so you can figure out if you'll have time for a cheeky battle or two before bed. Round our way, XCOM 2 will unlock at 11:01pm tonight so you're in luck if you've pre-ordered and pre-loaded it, or have a zippy Internet connection, or are naughty enough to stay up late on a school night.

Speaking of pre-loading, yes, that is now live. As 2K explain in the announcement, "If you pre-ordered the game, simply head into your Library and click on XCOM 2, then click the Pre-Load button to begin downloading the game."

"Oh oh oh! But what's that you always say about pre-ordering?" you start sputtering. "Wasn't it... n- nev- never pre-order? Something like that? What about that, Alice? Huh?"

Yeah yeah, can it you. Go read Wot Adam Thinks, because XCOM 2 is one of those rare big games with a review embargo a while before release. What a treat! And what a treat XCOM 2 is, sez Adam.

Anywho, 2K have a nice map showing exactly when XCOM 2 will unlock all around the world. Looks like people on the west coast of North America have the most luck, having it unlock at 9:01pm PST. This cropping is kinda illustrative but broadly unhelpful, so click this for a full-size version you can actually read.

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