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Disco Demolition - Killing With Style In Hitman: Absolution

We've seen quite a lot of Hitman: Absolution in the run up to its November launch. Some of it has been downright brilliant. As for other bits, well, the less said the better. But ultimately, the core of Agent 47's exceedingly snazzy murdertimes (or exceedingly murdery snazzytimes, depending on your point of view) remains: you kill people, but in clever, conspicuously inconspicuous ways. That's what today's reel of footage is about, and it also includes a very important lesson: Disco's not dead. In actuality, it was the killer all along.

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Quiet, loud, electrocution, inferno, disco inferno - it seems like your assassination options in Absolution run a pretty full gamut. There will, of course, also be a bit of shooty shooty bang bang for those who want it, but - early promo materials aside - it doesn't look like Absolution is in much danger of abandoning its series' roots.

So then, between this, Dishonored, and Mark of the Ninja, I'm actually pretty excited about a bunch of stealth-heavy games this fall. For a while, I was worried that Splinter Cell: Conviction-style "mark and execute and don't return Michael Ironside's calls" killfests were taking up the mantle, but those three seem much more restrained - at least, on that front. I can feel my Encouragement Glands swelling already. How about you?

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