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You can grab Hitman Absolution free to keep before GOG's summer sale ends

Absolve your wallet

Lookit that. We're in mid-June already, which means that the first big game sale of the summer is about to get a sendoff. GOG's summer sale will wind up after the weekend so you've got just a few days left to score those deals. As part of the last hurrah, GOG are offering Hitman: Absolution free to keep. Snag it before Monday, June 15th.

Absolution is not the best Hitman, to put it kindly. Adam Smith (RPS in pieces) says it more plainly in his Hitman: Absolution review. "If this were the first Hitman game I’d played, I wouldn’t want to play another," says he, "but there’s just about enough in Absolution’s finer moments to keep the hope alive...As it is, I’ve already reinstalled Bloody Money as a sort of palate cleanser and I suggest you do the same."

Not, ah, glowing praise—or even praise at all. But! If you're into Hitman and you've not yet had a go at Absolution, perhaps now's a good time to slap it in your backlog for a very rainy day.

By the by, Io Interactive announced Hitman 3 yesterday. This one's for all the bullets and briefcases. It's the cap on the current trilogy, the final contract. For now, anyway. Io are planning to unleash Mr. Murders once again in January 2021.

As for Absolution, you've got until Monday, June 15th at 2pm BST/6am PST to shove it in your library on GOG.

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