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Wild Hearts Lightstone locations: Where to find Lightstone

Where to get Lightstone for all your weapon upgrading needs

Where can you find Lightstone in Wild Hearts? If you've played beyond the opening sequence of Wild Hearts, you'll know that there's a vast, intricate upgrade system for each of the eight weapon types in the game. Each of these upgrades costs a certain number of materials, and it won't be long before your next upgrade requires some Lightstone.

Lightstone is an ore material, just like the much more plentiful Corestone. But many a new player might be confused about where to go to find this elusive upgrade resource. The truth is that you won't be able to find any Lightstone until you've progressed beyond a certain point in the main story. Below we'll explain exactly what you need to do and where to get Lightstone in bulk for all your upgrading needs in Wild Hearts.

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How to get Lightstone in Wild Hearts

To get Lightstone in Wild Hearts, you'll need to travel to Fuyufusagi Fort, as this is the only region on the map which spawns Lightstone. To reach Fuyufusagi Fort, you'll first need to complete Chapter 1 of the main Wild Hearts story, and progress partway into Chapter 2.

If you are unsure how close you are to reaching Fuyufusagi Fort, here's a handy checklist of story bosses you need to defeat first:

  1. Defeat the Kingtusk.
  2. Defeat the Spineglider.
  3. Defeat the Lavaback.
  4. Defeat the Gritdog.
  5. Defeat the Earthshaker.
  6. Defeat the Sporetail.
  7. Defeat the Dreadclaw.
  8. Defeat the Fumebeak.
The player in Wild Hearts stands next to some Lightstone on a snowy cliff.

After this point, you can speak to Ujishige, the old Samurai, in order to unlock the ability to travel to Fuyufusagi Fort at last and get your hands on some Lightstone.

Wild Hearts Lightstone locations

Once you've reached Fuyufusagi Fort, Lightstone isn't actually that hard to find. It tends to crop up at the bottom of cliffs and ruins all over the place. If you want a surefire location to get plenty of Lightstone, then check the end of the bridge which connects the bottom section of the fort to the top.

There, and around the broken castle walls, you'll find at least 3 Lightstone close together, and as you progress further into the Fort you'll find plenty more all over the place if you keep an eye out.

Part of the map of Fuyufusagi Fort in Wild Hearts, with the location of some Lightstone marked.

That's all you need to know in order to finally get your hands on Lightstone for completing those desired weapon upgrades in Wild Hearts! If you're still trying to figure out which is the ideal weapon type for you, best make sure you've unlocked them all first! Check out our guide on how to unlock new weapons in Wild Hearts for more information. While you're here, you can also consult our guide on the best armor in Wild Hearts.

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