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Wild Hearts Pointed Scale locations: Where to find Pointed Scales

Here's how to get your hands on Pointed Scales for upgrading weapons in Wild Hearts

Where can you go to find Pointed Scales in Wild Hearts? Much of what you'll be doing in Wild Hearts involves slaying monsters both large and small in order to get upgrade materials for your latest weapons and armour. One such upgrade material is the Pointed Scale, which can only be obtained by killing specific creatures in specific regions of Azuma.

If you've been wondering where you need to go to get these elusive Pointed Scales, on this page you'll find your answer. Below we'll explain exactly how to get Pointed Scales in Wild Hearts, where you need to go to find the creatures that drop them, and how far into the main story you'll need to progress before you can unlock these regions.

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Where to find Pointed Scales in Wild Hearts

Pointed Scales in Wild Hearts can only be found in two regions: Akikure Canyon, and Fuyufusagi Fort. Both these regions unlock in Chapter 2: Akikure Canyon unlocks at the beginning of Chapter 2, while Fuyufusagi Fort will become accessible later on in the chapter.

To obtain Pointed Scales, you must kill either Nightshade Monitors or Shardshower Monitors. Nightshades are found in Akikure Canyon, while Shardshowers are native to Fuyufusagi Fort. Each time you kill one of these creatures, you can interact with their corpse to harvest materials from them, as with any other small Kemono in Wild Hearts.

A Nightshade Monitor in Wild Hearts crawls along some snowy rocks.

If you want to know how far you have to go until you reach Chapter 2, here's a handy checklist of main story quests you'll need to complete first:

  1. Defeat the Kingtusk.
  2. Defeat the Spineglider.
  3. Defeat the Lavaback.
  4. Defeat the Gritdog.
  5. Defeat the Earthshaker (unlocks Akikure Canyon).
  6. Defeat the Sporetail.
  7. Defeat the Dreadclaw.
  8. Defeat the Fumebeak (unlocks Fuyufusagi Fort).

Wild Hearts Pointed Scale locations

Now that you know that Pointed Scales are dropped by Nightshade Monitors and Shardshower Monitors, all that remains is to find them. Fortunately, you can use the map to spot small Kemono such as Monitors. Once you've explored an area, then you can open up your map and switch your view to Small Kemono using the D-Pad or the arrows in the bottom-left corner. Hover over each dot to learn what each Small Kemono is.

Using this method, you can learn where Monitors tend to congregate in either region. In Akikure Canyon, these are the locations you'll need to reach in order to get Pointed Scales:

A map of Akikure Canyon in Wild Hearts, with the locations of Nightshade Monitors highlighted.
Monitors are easy prey if you've progressed far enough in Wild Hearts to reach these regions, so you shouldn't have any trouble acquiring their Pointed Scales for use in your weapon upgrades.

That wraps up this quick walkthrough of how to find Pointed Scales in Wild Hearts! If you're still trying to settle on a weapon to upgrade, then be sure to check out our guide on the best weapons in Wild Hearts, and how to unlock new weapons in Wild Hearts. You can also use crafting materials to create and upgrade your armour, so be sure to consult our Wild Hearts best armor guide to make sure you're making the right decisions there.

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