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Wild Hearts: Where to find Simian Yin Organ Gems

How to get Simian Yin Organ Gems and Simian Yang Organ Gems

Want to know where you can get Simian Yin Organ Gems in Wild Hearts? There's a dazzling, dizzying array of different weapon upgrades you can choose from in monster-hunting RPG Wild Hearts, and so you'll need to stay on top of gathering the right materials for each upgrade. Two of the more confusing materials you'll need to acquire later on are Simian Yin Organ Gems, and Simian Yang Organ Gems - two loot items which you'll need to follow some specific instructions in order to obtain.

This guide should remove any confusion, giving you some quick and clear steps to follow in order to find Simian Yin Organ Gems in Wild Hearts, and later on how to extract the rarer Simian Yang Organ Gems as well.

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Where to find Simian Yin Organ Gems in Wild Hearts

Simian Yin Organ Gems can only be obtained in one region of Wild Hearts: Fuyufusagi Fort. This region is unlocked part of the way into Chapter 2 of the main story, which means to get access to Simian Yin Organ Gems, you first need to defeat the following story bosses:

  1. Defeat the Kingtusk.
  2. Defeat the Spineglider.
  3. Defeat the Lavaback.
  4. Defeat the Gritdog.
  5. Defeat the Earthshaker.
  6. Defeat the Sporetail.
  7. Defeat the Dreadclaw.
  8. Defeat the Fumebeak.
Two Gemcast Monkeys from Wild Hearts assault the player character on a bridge in Fuyufusagi Fort.
Kill Gemcast Monkeys in Fuyufusagi Fort to obtain Simian Yin Organ Gems.

Once you've unlocked Fuyufusagi Fort, you can obtain Simian Yin Organ Gems by killing Gemcast Monkeys, a species of small Kemono that lives in the more urban areas of the region. Harvest materials from the corpse of a Gemcast Monkey to get a guaranteed Simian Yin Organ Gem.

Note: you must have Chapter 2 selected in the map menu to extract Simian Yin Organ Gems, or you might get different materials from the Gemcast Monkeys (more on this below).

These monkeys go down without much of a fight, so getting the Gems is easy. The only hard part is finding them in the first place. So to help you out, consult the below map and learn exactly where you can go to get Simian Yin Organ Gems from Gemcast Monkeys in Wild Hearts:

A map of Fuyufusagi Fort in Wild Hearts, with the locations of Gemcast Monkeys highlighted.

Where to find Simian Yang Organ Gems in Wild Hearts

If you're a little further into Wild Hearts, you may now be wondering how to get Simian Yang Organ Gems, a very similar material used for upgrading your gear. Like their Yin variant, Simian Yang Organ Gems are harvested from Gemcast Monkeys, but the difference is that you must have at least Chapter 3 selected in the map menu.

If you're playing through Fuyufusagi Fort with Chapter 3 or Chapter 4 selected from the map menu, then all Gemcast Monkeys on the map will be turned into Invasive Gemcast Monkeys - a slightly stronger version of the small Kemono species. Kill these Invasive Gemcast Monkeys and harvest their remains to obtain Simian Yang Organ Gems.

Hopefully this has cleared up any confusion surrounding how to get Simian Yin and Yang Organ Gems in Wild Hearts, so you can now get back to hunting and upgrading your weaponry. Speaking of which, why not check out our guide on the best weapons in Wild Hearts, or consult our guide on how to unlock weapons in Wild Hearts? You can also make sure your protection is up to the task of Fuyufusagi Fort with our guide on the best armor in Wild Hearts.

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