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With this almost half-price 20TB HDD, you'll never want for storage ever again

Give me MORE.

SSDs may have been the big stars of this year's Amazon Prime Day, but holy moly would you look at the size (and price) of this 20TB WD My Book Duo Desktop external hard drive. This monolithic storage cube would normally set you back a whopping £680 at any other time of the year, but the old Prime Day bargains have brought this two-bay, Raid 0-ed mega drive down to a deals-tastic £350.

It's not quite half-price (that would be £340), but cor, that's still a heck of a lot of storage for the money. Compare that to the £300 you'd spend getting WD's 2TB Black SN750 Heatsink NVMe SSD for £72 less than normal, and you certainly can't argue with it on a value for money front.

Naturally, an external hard drive will be quite a bit slower than your typical NVMe drives, and indeed, the pair of WD Red drives inside the My Book Duo Desktop have a read speed of just 360MB/s. Yes, that's 360MB/s, not the close to 3600MB/s speeds you'll get with the Black SN750 (all right, technically it's 3470MB/s, but you know what I mean). Still, I don't think I'd ever need to buy another bit of storage again if I had a 20TB mega box plonked on my desk, which is a pretty tempting proposition, I must say.

The My Book Duo Desktop is pretty up to date on its USB standards, too. There's a USB-C port that supports the semi-recent USB 3.1 standard, for example, and it comes with both USB-C to C and USB-C to A cables, too, giving you plenty of flexibility. It would have been nice to see support for the latest USB 3.2 Gen 2 standard, sure, but man alive, just think of all those thousands of gigabytes inside...

It also comes with its own auto-back-up software, too, so you don't have to worry about backing-up your PC manually, either. Very handy indeed.

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