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World Of Warships adds... let me double-check my notes... a post-apocalyptic battle royale mode

Alrighty then

Today, a day which is not April 1st, multiplayer naval rumble World Of Warships launched a battle royale mode. With a kooky post-apocalyptic setting. In a game about historical warships. Unless someone has gone to great lengths to replace my calendar so I think it's June and not April, this is happening. Alrighty then. As an observer, I am delighted by this wild tonal shift. The same game which recreated the battleship Yamato now has a ship with buzzsaws and a giant metal skull on the front. And why shouldn't it?

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As is the battle royale way, the Rogue Wave mode throws players into a big ol' map to scavenge for supplies and shoot each other to pieces as murderous ring shrinks to push captains closer. It's a little different to yer Fortnites and Plunkbats, mind, merging with its mother game.

Developers Wargaming (which is still the most inconvenient name from an ease-of-reading perspective) explain "players will face off in four teams of three over resources in the flooded ruins of a sunken city, adding the ability for more than two teams to battle for the first time to World of Warships. Players will start with no consumable items, and will have to navigate a world on the brink of collapse with nothing but their ship and her armaments to defend themselves from other players. Other players aren’t the only threat, however, as throughout the match a wall of Wild Fire will steadily engulf the battlefield, pushing players closer and closer together, lest they get caught in the Fire and quickly lose HP."

Battle royale, four teams, murderwall, boats, gotcha.

Rogue Wave hits World Of Warships today. The mode is billed as a temporary one, only available during the course of Update 0.8.5, though I do half-suspect Wargaming might be testing the waters for a more-permanent fixture or spin-off.

World Of Warships is free-to-play. See the 0.8.5 patch notes for more on new stuff.

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