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We've Peaked: Steven Seagal's In World Of Warships

Let's just close down gaming

Probably around 800,000 press releases come into my inbox every day. Standing out from that crowd is tough. But when your subject line is "Steven Seagal in World of Warships", you're like a brilliant light shining through the darkness.

Steven Seagal is in World Of Warships [official site].

Watching the video, right below this line, I genuinely thought Seagal was CGI until another slightly more human-looking human appeared in the scene.

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Steven Seagal has taken bad acting to the point of not looking like even his physical form is real. He doesn't even move realistically.

That's right, Mobile Strike may have gotten Arnold Schwarzenegger, but World Of Warships has Seagal... for a month and a half. From today until December 14th, you can earn Seagal as an in-game commander in the free-to-spend-all-your-money MMO. You'll need Account Level 10, then to complete a "special mission" where you accrue 70,000 XP, and then the world's most awkward hair plugs will be in your crew.

Apparently there's more Seagal to come in the future, so hold onto your naval hats. Meanwhile, see if you can spot the difference between Seagal in the promos, and Seagal in-game.

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