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All Aboard: World Of Warships Launches

Messing about in boats

World of Warships [official site] has set sail for... oh god, I don't know enough naval terminology for this news story. World of Warships is out. In the water. The water of the internet. The game has released. That's what I'm trying to say.

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I think that the longer I go without playing World of Warplanes, World of Tanks and now World of Warships the more I start thinking of them as actual worlds. Little globes inhabited by armoured vehicles, unaware of each other's existence until one day a portal opens and a tank discovers the seaside or the joy of flight or something.

"No, Jimmy Tank! Get down from there, you'll hurt yourself!"

"But mum, I can fly!"

The resultant tale would probably be a modern reworking of the story of Icarus combined with the Little Mermaid and Aladdin - a tank that flew too close to the sun to impress a prince and plummeted into the ocean where he met an evil sea witch and gave her his voice in exchange for the power of not going rusty except after the long trek to shore the prince no longer recognises him because he can't fly so he has to defeat the sea witch and use his voice to barter for a magic flying carpet and then the prince falls in love with him and they sing A Whole New World and have a reality TV show.

Anyway, here is some information about the ships in this here free-to-play historical combat thingumajigger:

"Cruisers are incredibly versatile vessels, ready to take on any other ship in the game and pick off scuttled opponents. Destroyers are quick and maneuverable, able to dodge enemy fire and deliver a well-executed torpedo strike. Battleships are heavy-hitting powerhouses, perfect for dealing massive damage. Finally, tactical Aircraft Carriers bring a real-time strategy dynamic, with scout planes to enemy vessels and torpedo bombers dropping their devastating payload."

The game's been in beta for a while now so if you've achieved a level 9 service record you can also access Ranked Battles straight away - the matches there are 7v7 Domination format rather than the 12v12 of regular PvP an dthe first season lasts 6 weeks.

Ahoy! Port holes! Splice the main brace! Sailing! Gunwhale! etc

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