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Yup, World of Warships has added Godzilla and King Kong

The Titans won't be fighting, though, so you'll have to resort to guns as usual

World of Warships has added Godzilla and King Kong. The rest of the words in this paragraph are probably meaningless because you’re now trying to imagine that. I could just talk about my cat for a few sentences, but professionalism, and Graham, forces me to keep on track. The twin titans of the best movie of 2021 are available as commanders for the F2P naval battle sim, where they’ll stand on top of a pair of new battleships like badly misshapen sails.

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I feel that cutting between the movie, which is the best movie of 2021 or any other year, and the game is a mistake for the trailer. You can’t live up to that sort of hype. But this is the world of F2P, where anything eye-grabbing is worth a shot. The two new commanders are very much for show and don’t do any punching or lightning screams in battle. In fact, they only appear on the ship while it's docked. Boo!

More meaningful additions include the two battleships that the monsters squeeze onto. The JVIII Amagi is Japanese battleship is a longer version of the Tosa-class battleship (to keep Godzilla afloat, no doubt) with more guns. The VIII North Carolina apparently has great AA defenses and good durability. Both have permanent camouflages inspired by movie, too. They look like you’re riding into battle in a can of Monster energy drink.

This is a game that added Steven Seagal (because he has ‘Sea’ in his name, I assume), and managed to squeeze in a post-apocalyptic battle royale game mode. It has room for Kaiju.

If you are somehow interested in this, you can currently buy each monster’s pack on Steam for, and I kid you not, £56.69 each. That’s a generous 10% off.

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