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Buy one Xbox Game Pass Ultimate code, get one free

Get six months for half price

Need a good deal to start your week? Well, your deals herald is here to provide, as Microsoft have brought back their popular Xbox Game Pass Ultimate deal that gets you an extra three months when you buy a three-month subscription, giving you six months for half price. The deal is only available in the UK right now (sorry, US folk), but it's a great way to bump up your Xbox Game Pass membership on the cheap, as every pass you buy stacks on top of the last one.

The deal is available at Amazon and GAME at the moment, so you can pick between the two depending on your shopping preferences. Either way, both will cost you £32.99.

Of course, it's worth noting that PC players don't technically need the 'Ultimate' bit of Xbox Game Pass. Instead, all we need to enjoy Microsoft's game subscription service is Xbox Game Pass for PC, which you can sign up for right now and get three months for just £1 until February 13th 2020. After that, it's £11.99 for three months.

The Ultimate bit of Game Pass, on the other hand, lets you play Game Pass games on both PC and console, and it also gets you an Xbox Live Gold membership so you can play online when you're using the Xbox. I should note, though, that the library of games available on the console version of Xbox Game Pass isn't exactly the same as Xbox Game Pass for PC. The Witcher III, for example, is currently only available on the console version, while Halo: The Master Chief Collection is only on PC.

Still, if you've got a PC and an Xbox to make the most of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, then this is definitely a deal worth snapping up. It's definitely one of the better value subscription services available right now, and includes loads of big recent releases such as The Outer Wilds, Gears 5 and Sea of Thieves, plus a big barrel of older games, too, including Prey, The Talos Principle and Dishonored 2 to name just a few. You'll also be able to play every big first party Microsoft game on launch as well, with Ori And The Will Of The Wisps arriving on the service on March 11th. Recently, Microsoft have also confirmed they'll be adding Gris and A Plague Tale: Innocence to Xbox Game Pass over the next couple of weeks, too.

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