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Long War Studios Making More XCOM 2 Mods

What's next?

Long War Studios, the folks behind the loved/feared XCOM 1 mod Long War, have joined up with Firaxis again to make more mods for XCOM 2 [official site]. They had three ready for XCOM 2 at launch, which Adam quite liked, and have been working on another five since then. No, none of them appear to be Long War 2. The first of these extras came out today, adding options like larger squad sizes, randomised soldier stats, and 'red fog' lowering the stats of wounded units. Beyond that, look forward to custom classes, new weapons, new aliens, and more.

Long War Toolbox is their first new mod, a grab-bag of additions and extensions. Raise squad sizes up to 12, widen the random range of weapon damage, have soldiers start with random stats, randomise their level-up stat boosts, change the amount the camera rotates with button presses, make units become worse when wounded... have a tinker. It also, curiously, opens up Firaxis's debugging 'combat auto-resolve' option which can have a mission result figure itself out rather than having you fight it - if you're resting something or in a hurry, maybe? The Toolbox is available now from the Steam Workshop for easy automatic installation or Nexus Mods to fiddle.

Beyond this, Firaxis explain:

"The second mod will be the 'Perk Pack' mod, which will be a solder class construction kit. The 'Laser Pack' mod is the third mod and will be a new weapon tier coming out the same day as the 'Perk Pack'. The fourth mod that will be coming to XCOM 2 is the 'Alien Pack' mod and will add 10 new alien enemies. The fifth and last mod from the Long War Studios team is still in the works and we’ll be sharing more details soon."

Probably don't get your hopes up for an XCOM 2 version of Long War just yet, but do remember that Long War Studios are planning an alien invasion game of their own.

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