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XCOM 2's Mod Support Sounds Grand

Lovely jubbly

The announcement of XCOM 2 [official site] talked about "a much deeper level of modding support", which sounds grand but what does it mean? A lot more than I'd expected, really.

Either alongside or shortly after the turn-based strategy sequel's launch in November, Firaxis plan to release tools they used to make the game, sharing the gameplay source, the editor, and the assets. It'll have Steam Workshop support too. Expect grand mods.

"Games that are systems-based, games that people can replay again and again – like Skyrim and GTA – they're rooted in systems. And when people can replay a game again and again, then they want the ability to change the way it plays. And that's why mods are huge on all of those. Obviously, games like Civ and XCOM are rooted in systems," creative director Jake Solomon said in an interview with IGN.

Asked about what kind of mods he expects to see, Solomon predicts free-aiming will be one "one of the first mods", and speculates that someone will bring back time units from dear old X-COM to expand options in turns.

Solomon also talks up the XCOM mod Long War, which Alec has taken a crack at, saying "We're basically a 20-hour tutorial for The Long War, and that's okay." Roll on, Long War 2!

IGN also have a few words from XCOM 2 art direct Greg Foertsch on the freedom of the level editor: "If you want to make a completely static level, you can. If you want to make a basically completely procedural level - which is basically what our levels are in the game right now, that's 100% doable ... There's really no limit – you can do whatever you want. You could literally make an Enemy Unknown map." I'm sure someone will.

The full interview has more info over here.

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