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Yesterday's Warzone gun nerfs weren't strong enough


After Raven Software nerfed a handful of Call Of Duty: Warzone's most overpowered guns yesterday, I thought that maybe the reign of the DMR rifle was over, that maybe I could enter a lobby and not get blapped to death in a matter of seconds. Turns out I was wrong, and that these nerfs aren't as strong as hoped.

Yesterday's patch nerfed four guns which have been dominating Warzone since Call Of Duty: Cold War's weapons were merged with the game in December. They reduced the Mac-10's headshot multiplier, increased the hip-fire spread of the dual Diamatti pistols and reduced their damage range too. Finally, the DMR and Type 63 rifles had their headshot damage reduced and recoil increased.

These tweaks haven't been all that impactful. Only the dual pistols seem to have been affected by the nerfs, while the rest have got away largely unscathed. Especially the DMR, which still seems as capable as ever; something players aren't too happy about.

You only need to scroll through the Warzone subreddit to see countless posts about how the nerf hasn't really done all that much.

I found this sarcastic clip amusing, as it shows how the DMR's increased recoil is very, very minimal.

Ah yes, the increased recoil is quite substantial from r/CODWarzone

Elsewhere, others have completely had enough.

Wow, amazing DMR NERF WOWWWWWWWW!!!!! from r/CODWarzone

It wouldn't surprise me if Raven Software had some more nerfs on the way, considering the sheer amount of negative feedback regarding these changes. Although having said that, the R9-0 Shotgun was broken for months and months before the Cold War integration, despite many players calling for it to be nerfed too. Not to, you know, get all negative, but a long wait may also be on the cards.

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