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You can play PUBG for free on Steam this weekend

You can grab it for 50% if you buy it this weekend, too

If you've ever fancied giving Playerunknown's Battlegrounds a try, now is probably the time to do it, because over the next few days it's holding a free weekend. It kicked off yesterday and will run until 6pm BST on Monday the 8th of June, so there's still plenty of time left to get droppin' with the boys. And if you suddenly decide PUBG is the battle royale for you, you can pick it up for 50% for the duration of the free weekend.

You can download and play it for free on Steam right now, and if you do wanna buy it that 50% discount brings its price down to a reasonable £14/$15/€15. PUBG Corp do note that you won't be able to make in-game purchases if you're just playing the game for free, you need to own it to be able to buy extra stuff.

Short of that, the free weekend gives you access to all of the lovely things there are to do in PUBG. For those of you who fancy the competition, you can take part in the new nitty gritty ranked mode. If you're completely new to the game however, there's no need to jump straight into the competitive stuff - you're actually more likely to be placed with bots in your first few matches.

There are some weird and wonderful things to see in PUBG, too. Last month, the game's Vikendi map got a big overhaul, expanding its deserted dinosaur theme park. A bit random, I know, but if (like me) you're the sort of player that's drawn to game lore, they recently made an in-universe documentary all about the history of said dinosaur theme park. It's a good bit of fun, and better yet, it's hosted by none other than Jonathan Frakes.

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