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You Don't Know (Handsome) Jack: Borderlands 2's Biggie

There's been some recent awkwardness out of the Borderlands 2 camp, but the game proper is still looking quite handsome. You will not, however, see it getting all high and mighty about its rugged Wild Wild Space West charms - largely because it is an inanimate object only capable of communicating through Wimowehs and dubstep. Its main villain, on the other hand, puts the word "handsome" right in his name, because he's a bit full of himself thanks to that whole "tyrannically ruling an entire planet with a legion of 87 bazillion robots and a weaponized moon" thing. See just what you're up against after the break.

So he seems charming. I wouldn't venture to call him gaming's most original villain by any stretch, but I'm digging the mix of dastardly, bastardly swagger and brief flashes of down-to-earth "Oh, well... shit" moments. Knowing Gearbox, Jack'll probably tickle our funnybones while also trying to shatter our regular bones. Not a bad mix, if you ask me.

Also, more importantly, it's not a bad excuse to hoard heaping piles of guns and blast your way through Pandora until you get bored and decide to do something else. Each class, meanwhile, seems pretty varied and - in my brief personal experience with the Assassin - capable of some tricks that put their Borderlands 1 counterparts to shame. So it's looking to be a case of "bigger, better, more," but honestly, that's exactly what the formula established in the original Borderlands needed. Also, gun moons. That, if I remember correctly, was the consensus most curious omission from BL1.

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