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10 Minutes Of BioShock Infinite Footage

That'd be the same 10 minutes that's been doing the rounds in assorted shadowy pressrooms for the last few months, and that Kieron flew to New York specifically to see. Go! Go! Feast your hungry eyes on the video waiting for you beneath the jump. Without wanting to spoil anything, it's a bit stunning.

Stunning, and overwhelmingly, eyebrow-raisingly, scoff-producingly scripted. Which I only started having a problem with when BioShock: Infinite won Game of Show at GamesCom this year. It's like, give the award to someone showing an actual game, you know?

Cynicism aside, the video still acts as a showcase of spectacular art and ideas. It's a bit like a reverse catwalk with lots of elements and ideas that'll feature in the game strutting their stuff, except the player's the one doing the walking. You'll see.

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