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12 minutes of Forza Horizon 5 confirm that I want it immediately

South of the border, down Mexico way

Having Forza Horizon 5 on the way is like having the noise of a warm bath running within earshot. I already know I'm going to enjoy everything about the experience that's coming, and the 12 minutes of footage released this week which show a drive around Mexico only confirms it.

Very few bubbles in Mexico, though:

It looks pretty, with some extremely detailed rocks, but more importantly it looks like Forza Horizon. I enjoyed Horizon 4 enough that I'm not looking for Playground Games to reinvent the wheel or any other part of the car. FH5 looks like it again offers the chilled-out fun of speeding across an open landscape while earning points for literally any action, including smashing through every object in your path. It even looks like it has much the same UI, so I don't need to re-learn any menus. Lower me into that warm soapy water immediately.

Forza Horizon 5 was announced back at E3 and is coming this November 9th. It'll be on Xbox Game Pass at launch. Its Mexico setting demands some changes from FH4, most prominently in that its weather will be determined in part by 11 different biomes and not just a straight swap of season. Playground have also been talking about the game a lot, revealing its full map and the Events lab in which you can construct your own racing mini games.

The previous game, meanwhile, has been placed into semi-retirement, with future updates to Forza Horizon 4 recycling old content rather than adding anything new.

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Forza Horizon 5

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