The RPS Bargain Bucket: Good Causes

Pickings feel somewhat slim right after Black Friday. But, in case you weren’t able to spend some moolah then, here’s a bucket of deals for you today. (Have an old picture. I’m stuck outside without my bucket.)

The Big Stuff

Nuuvem: Oh, Nuuvem. Why are you so business-savvy? They have a ton of RPG Maker titles up for grabs today, which is rather perfect given that Ludum Dare just kicked off. You might need aspirations of dev-hood to properly enjoy these bargains, though.

Steam: True to form, Steam has the games from The Game Awards 2014 on sale. I’m not terribly impressed with the collection of bargains, to be honest. Although I do believe there are a few historic lows in the batch. Worth a look, if you’re in the mood.

Gamersgate: It’s looking a little frosty over at Gamersgate, what with the mistaken e-mails and the icy decorations. I haven’t seen anything in their holiday sale that blows me away just yet, but you might want to take a gander anyway.

(Personally, I’d be eyeballing the Winter Sales at instead.)

GameMusicBundle: 19 AWESOME ALBUMS. For $10/£6.42/€8.14. How could you possibly say no to this much auditory gloriousness? Unthinkable!

Now, onto the regular stuff:

Devs with Ferguson
This is probably the most important bundle you could chuck money at right now, I think. Nine game developers donated their games to the cause, ranging from the unimitable Anna Anthropy to the scholarly Robert Yang. All of the proceeds are being funneled to the Ferguson Public Library. Ignoring the noble aspects of the whole shindig, the bundle itself isn’t bad at all. We have Eidolon and game tester simulators and horror games and two-player space break-ups. It’s a whirlwind of interesting stuff and I will smack you with a boffer bat if you complain about the price.

Dragon Age: Inquisition
No, no 50% discount just yet. Sorry. Even after you factor in the gauntlet of bugs you must sometimes face, Dragon Age: Inquisition remains a phenomenal medieval buddy simulator. I keep feeling like I should wax poetic about the game, but that feels like it might be a waste of page space. We’ve done it already. A lot. And smarter, more eloquent people have said everything I want to and more. (Spoiler: excellent commentary all around.)

As for the deal itself, this is most likely the cheapest it has been yet. Sorta. (I mean, it’s not actually a bargain, but..) You’ll need Hola to make this work. From there, select Mexico as your fake place of residence. Then, Dragon Age: Inquisition will present itself to you at $40. Case closed. Onto the next thing!

Moose Kid Comics
40 of the best comic artists today came together to prove a point: children’s comics are awesome when the artists are given license to do as they will. It’s also apparently a way to open discussion about ways to make children’s comics awesome again. Now, it’s been ages since I last counted in that demographic, but I am totally behind any attempt to get kids to read more. Enjoy the first issue. It’s on me.

Divinity: Original Sin
Oh, lord. More favorites. I’m hopelessly enamored of Divinity: Original Sin, possibly even for all the right reasons. A co-op RPG extravaganza, Divinity: Original Sin is an incredible example of what you can achieve when you’re willing to put in the effort. Larian Studios have always had good ideas, but the execution often felt insufficient. This time, however? They got it so, so right. A beautiful revitalization of some classic ideas, Divinity: Original Sin was worth every penny at full price. Now? Now, you get it at a steal. Lucky buggers.

Also of note:

Fancy picking up this classic strategy game for free? Great. Login to your account to claim it. Ain’t free stuff grand? (There’s ’bout 13,220 copies left at the time of writing. Move quickly, folks.)

The Conspiracy Bundle – $5.99/£4.61/€5.85
I love half of this bundle. The other half? I’m not so hot about. The Runaway franchise was absolutely ridiculous, filled with inane plot holes and some truly baffling scenarios. Everything else, however? Awesome. In particular, I loved The Whispered World.

Brandon Sanderson recently became a huge obsession of mine. I’m currently ripping through Elantris and already eyeing the Mistborn trilogy. Warbreaker’s one of his stand-alones, a weird tale that uses breath and color as magic. Was it great? Some people thought so. What we have here is not exactly a free copy, but the iterations that he went through in creating the finished product. It’s a piece of history, told in chunks. It also has a PDF of Tor’s first hard cover edition, so that’s cool too.


  1. SuperJonty says:

    Just bought Wasteland 2 from for ~£7? Never heard of them before today, but it activated fine so I’ll take what I can get :)

    • Cassandra Khaw says:

      Lovely! Thanks for the tip!

    • meepmeep says:

      While this is very tempting, am I right in assuming that the keys available through such sites are probably of dubious origin and it is very unlikely that any of my money will be ending up in the developer’s pocket?

      • RealWeaponX says:

        It seems to be a sort of eBay for key resellers. Seems legit from a buyer security perspective, but who knows where the money goes.

        • meepmeep says:

          I’m sure the site itself is legitimate, but I can’t imagine that a Wasteland 2 key for £7 has come from any intentional mechanism of the publisher’s – but where do they come from? Unused review copies? People hacking into the publisher’s servers? Reverse engineering key codes?

          I like cheap keys, but I don’t want to buy them if it’s just piracy – and worse, commercialised piracy.

          • Siimon says:

            Many are bought with stolen credit cards.
            I stay away from g2a and those sites on principle. Nuuvem is great though, they’re legit – priced cheaper just due to regional markets.

          • Martel says:

            And if you pay with a credit card (not sure about this site, but the dodgy sites in general) you have a chance of your credit card being the stolen one they use to buy the next round of keys. Good deals are great, propping up the business practices of thieves is not.

          • Lumberjack_Man says:

            The one time I used g2a my card details were used within 24 hours to make a fraudulent transaction in the Philippines. I have no evidence that it was linked to g2a but it was enough to put the shits up me to not use them again. And the ethical reasons too obvs.

  2. djbriandamage says:

    Speaking of good causes, Blizzard is selling a WoW mini pet and all proceeds to go support Ebola via the American Red Cross association.

    link to

  3. Kempston Wiggler says:

    Divinity: Original Sin can be picked up from HERE for £14.40, a Steam key that’s cheaper than from Steam itself! MMOGA? Never heard of these guys before but they even beat Nuuvem’s pricing which until yesterday I would have argued wasn’t possible.

    Amusingly, typing “original sin” into MMOGA’s search box returns 2 results: Divinity and Norton Antivirus. Sly meta-commentary on MMOGA’s part? :)

    • Cassandra Khaw says:

      I am eyeing new website with an intensely suspicious look.

      BUCKETEEEERS! Personal experiences pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaase! D:

      • Kempston Wiggler says:

        Yes, I was suspicious too. Didn’t stop me buying Borderlands 2: GOTY for a friend, though. Key arrived within 10 minutes as stated, almost instantly in fact, and friend has not reported any problems with the key so far…

  4. Stellar Duck says:

    In case anyone has been eyeing some of their stuff but recoiled at the price, Matrix games are having a sale.

    I’m tempted to pick up some stuff but I really shouldn’t.

    Scourge of War Gettysburg is an easy recommendation though! Buy it, if practicable!

    • Turkey says:

      For a second I thought there was a sale on games related to the Matrix, and your quandary was that you weren’t sure if you wanted to buy some terrible games.

      • Stellar Duck says:

        Oh, that would have been a really shitty move on my part. :P

        • Kempston Wiggler says:

          I’ll take one Path of Neo, please, because I passionately hate myself and want me to suffer.

    • Jurple says:

      Lots of discounts over at, but not for Distant Worlds. Bah.

      • Stellar Duck says:

        Yea, they seem a bit obstinate to discount that one. I’d also love it if War in the East could shave just a tiny bit more off the price. It’s so expensive with my current income.

        Also, I just noticed that they released War in the West?!

      • Lagran says:

        One of the team made a comment in a Steam thread about a discount saying that it’s not typical for them to discount games that are less than a year old. I guess that — despite the base game releasing in 2010 — the bundled package is new enough to mean we’ll only see a discount from next April onwards.

  5. d32 says:

    $26.79 may be €21.81 after conversion, but no: Original Sin costs 26.79 EUR.

  6. suibhne says:

    That DA: Inquisition deal may be live in the UK, but there’s definitely no discount on Origin in the US.

    • Wulfram says:

      It’s one of those things where you need to pretend to be mexican. Fetch the sombrero, the fake moustache and the mariachi band,

  7. Rise / Run says:

    Mistborn books are Sanderson’s best, imho. Warbreaker’s okay (esp. for the price) but dwarfed by the Mistborn books.

    • Crane says:

      I beg to differ! The Stormlight Archives are indubitably superior!
      (And Warbreaker is worth reading before you read those since the second book has a strong reference to it.)

      • Tacroy says:

        I dunno, the last bit of Words of Radiance has got me kinda worried that Sanderson is going to wind up in preachy religious territory, particularly with the stuff that’s happened in Legion and its sequel.

      • Rise / Run says:

        I guess I automatically discount anything that’s a planned “10 book series,” so haven’t touched Stormlight archives. Anything that long running, however strong it starts, will likely fizzle due to a combination of idea exhaustion and too many damn characters/plot points.

        • Person of Con says:

          I like the Rithmatist. It’s definitely going for a Harry Potter vibe, but with enough twists for Sanderson to make it his own. And he spent a *lot* of time planning out the chalk-based magic.

        • Jeeva says:

          Honestly, it’s been great fun so far. I was happy, not realising there would be a sequel to the first – the second was a brilliant book, too (just with far less closure).

    • Caelyn Ellis says:

      I’ve not read any of his other stuff, but Mistborn is amazing. So good on so many levels.

    • malkav11 says:

      I feel like his writing starts weak (if full of neat ideas even then) and gets better book by book. The Mistborn books are his oldest barring Elantris (his very first), and thus still a bit shaky. I enjoy them nonetheless, but I do think Warbreaker’s better.

    • Droniac says:

      Can’t say I agree, if only for the Mistborn ‘trilogy ending’. Still haven’t read the 4th book but after that 3rd book’s ending… Meanwhile Rithmatist, Emperor’s Soul (!), and Steelheart were all quite good.

  8. Tacroy says:

    I really wanted to enjoy D:OS, but the stupid goddamn rock paper scissors game ruined it for me.

    See, certain conversation options will move your character’s personality traits in one direction or another – which has an effect on the game. If you’re more willing to agree with what the authorities say to do, you get a bonus when in sight of someone with Leadership, etc.

    The problem is, these conversational options also have an effect on the outcome of the plot, and if you want your characters to have different traits they will disagree with one another a lot.

    Which means that if you want one character to have the nice traits, but another character to have bastard traits, you’re going to be playing that goddamn rock paper scissors game. And if you want the plot to go down the nice plot, and not the bastard plot, you’re going to have to keep on saving and reloading because you got the rock paper scissors game wrong.

    I don’t know if they’ve added a concede button, but that’s pretty much what I need before I’ll play the game again.

    • Halk says:

      That sounds like great game design, it’s just that you want the benefits of being a bastard without paying the consequences.

      • Tacroy says:

        No, I just want one of my characters to be a bastard who defers to the less-bastardly leader

        • Halk says:

          Exactly. Generally, when thinking of bastards, “deference to nice people” is not the first thing that comes to mind.

      • aliksy says:

        It’s kind of shit design because you’re not aware of what the personality changes will be ahead of time, nor what the bonuses will be. Some of the bonuses are way better than others.

        • Alegis says:

          You can see in-game what the effects are/will be. Somewhere in a traits window on a character.

    • mechabuddha says:

      They’ve had that option for a long time now.

    • Alegis says:

      When two characters disagree with one-another, one can opt to concede.
      As for the RockPaperScissors; Press the space button to have it resolve automatically.

  9. Kefren says:

    My freebie of the week – I think I have one code spare for Witcher 2 on GOG. Email me if you want it or go via my blog. aquapotator [symbol] gmail dot com.

  10. Frank says:

    I thought you were joking when you mentioned “The Game Awards 2014”. I’m surprised that’s actually a thing

    • Kempston Wiggler says:

      I recently thought the same about Christmas Jumper Day.

  11. drygear says:

    Crusader: No Remorse is free on Origin right now.

  12. J. Cosmo Cohen says:

    It’s worth noting about that Ferguson bundle that you must download the games and keep them yourself. As soon as the bundle is over, the page to download the games disappears. Eidelon is a Steam key, though, but I believe that’s the only exception.


      Are you sure? Both the email and the page itself say that the games will always be available from download from that page.

      E: Oh, that’s right, the bundle page does say it. A strange artifact from, then.

    • Jalan says:

      It ended anyway.

  13. crazyd says:

    Man, I seriously do not understand what anyone sees in Dragon Age: Inquisition. The combat and quests are straight out of a third rate MMORPG. Collect X ox hides! Kill X Templars! Close X breaches!

    So far as combat goes, the m/kb controls are terrible, and it’s hardly better with a controller. Bad AI, bad tactical combat mode, and standard gameplay that is pretty much just “Hold down a button to spam basic attacks, while using specials whenever out of cool down.”

    Everyone seems to love this game, but I just can not understand why. To me, it just feels like a badly made MMO without all the other people around.


    Are all the free Age of Wonders things gone? I keep getting redirect to GOG’s frontpage but there’s nothing there.

    • Jalan says:

      They seem to have taken it down (and shortened the list of flash deals). I’m guessing (and am likely wrong) they’re preparing something different for the coming week. Either way, there was a finite number of AoW redemptions and it was already fairly low when I was able to get mine so I’m guessing they just exhausted them.

  15. Boult Upright says:

    I also think the Gamersgate have fallen the behind the pack a bit, but I did pick up the Complete Van Helsing II pack for $6.80 this weekend. The first one was tops, so here’s hoping this one is too.

    I’m too scared to look at GOG. I would just spend more money.

  16. CookPassBabtridge says:

    For Flare Pathers, there is 33% off over at FlightSimStore. However watch out for the price conversions – selecting UK Pounds for example on the store page showed a price £3 less than what I was charged once the currency conversion from AUD was done. Looks like an out of date calc on the main site!

    Anyway I picked up FTX Global for £37 to put into FSX and / or P3D for some Flighty McWingTipper action. Tim Stone would be proud of me :)

  17. Alegis says:

    Divinity: Original Sin at 21 EUR a stock? My advice: BUY!

    You’ll have plenty to do for dozens of hours. I reckon I’m over 2/3rds with about 51 hours in.

  18. bill says:

    What ever happened to GamerSgate?

    They used to be the #2 to steam, and they used to be pretty good. People would often recommend them in comments and they were usually cheaper than Steam. their customer service was good, they were usually happy to issue no-question additional activations for anything with DRM, and they listed the DRM of each game clearly. Plus they had blue coins.

    But recently they seem to have dropped off the radar. Rarely see them mentioned at all. GOG seems to have superseded them since they stopped being only “old”.

    What happened with the “mistaken emails”?

    I tried to download my copy of The Witcher 1 (that I bought from them years ago) ast month and it wouldn’t download. A quick google revealed that there had been a problem with their download servers for over a week. Luckily I found out I could claim a backup copy from GOG and downloaded that in minutes.

    But it’d be a shame if they disappeared. Are they still decent?
    Maybe they need to do a free game giveaway to get back on people’s radar and get in a few new users. With GOG and Humble giving away free games every week, it’s probably stealing the limelight.

    • bill says:

      PS/ They used to regularly discount the D&D Anthology (BG1/2, Planescape, etc..) to around $7, so I always meant to grab it from them. But they don’t seem to have it anymore. :-(