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The RPS Bargain Bucket: Good Causes

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Pickings feel somewhat slim right after Black Friday. But, in case you weren’t able to spend some moolah then, here’s a bucket of deals for you today. (Have an old picture. I’m stuck outside without my bucket.)

The Big Stuff

Nuuvem: Oh, Nuuvem. Why are you so business-savvy? They have a ton of RPG Maker titles up for grabs today, which is rather perfect given that Ludum Dare just kicked off. You might need aspirations of dev-hood to properly enjoy these bargains, though.

Steam: True to form, Steam has the games from The Game Awards 2014 on sale. I’m not terribly impressed with the collection of bargains, to be honest. Although I do believe there are a few historic lows in the batch. Worth a look, if you’re in the mood.

Gamersgate: It’s looking a little frosty over at Gamersgate, what with the mistaken e-mails and the icy decorations. I haven’t seen anything in their holiday sale that blows me away just yet, but you might want to take a gander anyway.

(Personally, I’d be eyeballing the Winter Sales at instead.)

GameMusicBundle: 19 AWESOME ALBUMS. For $10/£6.42/€8.14. How could you possibly say no to this much auditory gloriousness? Unthinkable!

Now, onto the regular stuff:

Devs with Ferguson
This is probably the most important bundle you could chuck money at right now, I think. Nine game developers donated their games to the cause, ranging from the unimitable Anna Anthropy to the scholarly Robert Yang. All of the proceeds are being funneled to the Ferguson Public Library. Ignoring the noble aspects of the whole shindig, the bundle itself isn’t bad at all. We have Eidolon and game tester simulators and horror games and two-player space break-ups. It’s a whirlwind of interesting stuff and I will smack you with a boffer bat if you complain about the price.

Dragon Age: Inquisition
No, no 50% discount just yet. Sorry. Even after you factor in the gauntlet of bugs you must sometimes face, Dragon Age: Inquisition remains a phenomenal medieval buddy simulator. I keep feeling like I should wax poetic about the game, but that feels like it might be a waste of page space. We’ve done it already. A lot. And smarter, more eloquent people have said everything I want to and more. (Spoiler: excellent commentary all around.)

As for the deal itself, this is most likely the cheapest it has been yet. Sorta. (I mean, it’s not actually a bargain, but..) You’ll need Hola to make this work. From there, select Mexico as your fake place of residence. Then, Dragon Age: Inquisition will present itself to you at $40. Case closed. Onto the next thing!

Moose Kid Comics
40 of the best comic artists today came together to prove a point: children’s comics are awesome when the artists are given license to do as they will. It’s also apparently a way to open discussion about ways to make children’s comics awesome again. Now, it’s been ages since I last counted in that demographic, but I am totally behind any attempt to get kids to read more. Enjoy the first issue. It’s on me.

Divinity: Original Sin
Oh, lord. More favorites. I’m hopelessly enamored of Divinity: Original Sin, possibly even for all the right reasons. A co-op RPG extravaganza, Divinity: Original Sin is an incredible example of what you can achieve when you’re willing to put in the effort. Larian Studios have always had good ideas, but the execution often felt insufficient. This time, however? They got it so, so right. A beautiful revitalization of some classic ideas, Divinity: Original Sin was worth every penny at full price. Now? Now, you get it at a steal. Lucky buggers.

Also of note:

Fancy picking up this classic strategy game for free? Great. Login to your account to claim it. Ain’t free stuff grand? (There’s ’bout 13,220 copies left at the time of writing. Move quickly, folks.)

The Conspiracy Bundle – $5.99/£4.61/€5.85
I love half of this bundle. The other half? I’m not so hot about. The Runaway franchise was absolutely ridiculous, filled with inane plot holes and some truly baffling scenarios. Everything else, however? Awesome. In particular, I loved The Whispered World.

Brandon Sanderson recently became a huge obsession of mine. I’m currently ripping through Elantris and already eyeing the Mistborn trilogy. Warbreaker’s one of his stand-alones, a weird tale that uses breath and color as magic. Was it great? Some people thought so. What we have here is not exactly a free copy, but the iterations that he went through in creating the finished product. It’s a piece of history, told in chunks. It also has a PDF of Tor’s first hard cover edition, so that’s cool too.

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