Enter The Gungeon: A Dungeon Crawler What Has Guns

Looks like Graham went looking for trouble in all the right places

Enter the Gungeon is developer Dodge Roll’s love letter to the “many inventive and memorable guns of video games.” It’s further described as a radial shooter stuffed into a “dungeon-crawler lootfest,” which is reason enough to open your mouth and prep a yawn. But there’s enough fun character design and potential Vlambeer-y feels on display in the trailer that I’d ask you to stifle it for just a few minutes more.

Like, seriously. It almost brings a tear to my eye. So far, Dodge Roll has revealed shops managed by gunsmiths, bats with bullets for wings, chest-guarding shelletons, and the gundead of the Gungeon. Gun’t you just feel the love growing in your gun-ts? I certainly can. Despite the jokiness of the atmosphere, the actual premise is surprisingly heartfelt: you’ll be playing as a misfit encumbered with a deep, terrible regret. A regret so profound that it compelled you to travel to a distant planet in search of a gun that can kill the past.

Obviously, that place is the Gungeon, an ancient temple that is comprised of hand-drawn rooms that are procedurally arranged. As you might have already guessed, guns are an absurdly large part of the game. On top of the usual bombardment of missiles, lasers, and cannonballs, there will also be stranger weaponry like rainbows, fish and foam darts. Most delightful of all, it appears as though there is one crucial mechanic that must be mastered for success: the dodge roll. Get it? The developers’ name? Dodge roll?

This is where you yawn, then watch the trailer:


  1. Dataflashsabot says:

    Interesting: I first watched it muted and love the look of it. The physics of the rockets look satisfying, the rolling and skipping around traps looked tight and well-designed, and the gameplay a nice combination of roguelite and shooter.

    Then I turned on the sound and listened to the cringey voiceover, annoying sound effects, and drowned-out music and it was dramatically worsened.

    Devs: Fix your sound design.

  2. Geebs says:

    Cassandra, I think you should probably have a look at what “gunt” means in English slang.

    Far more dungeon crawlers should use the interface of a radial shooter. Better that than clicking everywhere and hoping your player character doesn’t interpret that as an instruction to climb straight into a monster’s mouth for the umpteenth time.

    • Baines says:

      Games used to control like that, before Diablo.

      The overwhelming staying power of mouse move, particularly when it may be an inferior control scheme for certain types of games, is annoying. I can think of several reasons why it holds on, but several aren’t actually good reasons.

    • frogulox says:

      *”Cassandra, I think you should probably have a look at what “gunt” means in English slang.”*

      Mwahahah. As I was reading I was like somone is trying to slip this into a sensible conversation? Have I missed a ridiculous and highly questionable pun?
      Scrolled up to read the author.
      Made me stop looking, forgive, but still cant stop giggling.

  3. draglikepull says:

    “Radial shooter stuffed into a dungeon-crawl” is basically Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light. Which was a great game, especially played co-op.

  4. Hex says:

    This trailer made me laugh out loud.

    That is all.

  5. Kaeoschassis says:

    Firstly, I’d like to immediately petition that “Vlambeer-y” be immediately added to all official dictionaries. Immediately.

    Secondly, you had me at “gun that can kill the past”, you really should have lead with that. Definitely looks like a laugh, also looks like a bundle of fun underneath, but I do question if their guns have quite the weight and impact that they should – hard to tell from the trailer.
    Will be watching, but it’ll have to work pretty hard to beat Nuclear Throne…

  6. Hmm-Hmm. says:

    I didn’t yawn at the start, but that trailer.. seems pretty meh. But maybe I’ve become a bit blasé by overexposure to similar titles.

  7. Gabe McGrath says:

    It has a “Raiden” toothpaste laser.

    I didn’t realise Gauntlet needed one till now… YES.


    That ‘gunts’ pun is absolutely horrible. You are now a full-fledged member of the hive mind, Cass. Well done.

  9. Jahnz says:

    Probably nobody will ever see this comment since the article is a couple days old, but what the heck is a radial shooter? Is that the new term for a twin stick shooter now?