Adorable Enter the Gungeon Revealed To Have Co-Op

A whale of a time

Look at those cutesy little bullets. Look at that bullet bishop. Has flaming, plasma death ever been so saccharine? (Don’t answer that.) In case you didn’t know, Enter the Gungeon [official site] is an upcoming shoot-everything-up from Dodge Roll Games and Devolver Digital, and it is more than likely already going to be badass. But such experiences are never complete without the company of your best friend. Which is exactly what Enter the Gungeon apparently has! (We did not know it had co-op before. Suspected, maybe. But did not know for sure.)

The good news was revealed during E3. According to the site, the two player co-op mode “allows the primary gunslinger a ‘gun cultist’ back up player to help quell the many disciples of the Cult of the Undead who will stop at nothing to preserve the very treasure you seek – the one gun in the world that can kill the past, absolving you of your deep regrets, wrong doings and bad decisions.”

Woo. Heavy stuff. Enter the Gungeon will be making its adorable, bullet hell-y way to our grubby hands towards the end of the year. Expect squees.


  1. welverin says:

    A gun that can kill the past? Sign me up!

  2. therighttoarmbears says:

    Want want want want want. Hadn’t ever heard of this before, but MUST HAVE now.

  3. Spacewalk says:

    It’s got a toothpaste laser!

  4. ExitDose says:

    I’ve been watching Northernlion play this over the last week. I think it was him or Rockleesmile that said it sounded like it was coming out in 2016. Why does this have to be so far away? I want it now.