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This Minecraft fan's concept video for a 'River Update' is cool

Come watch their pitch, and how they made it

While Minecraft devs Mojang are splitting the Caves & Cliffs Update in two, one fan has been dreaming of a whole other update. A Minecraft builder known as "Disruptive Builds" has created a video demonstrating their concept for a hypothetical River Update, with new types of rivers, creeks, and waterfalls rolling across the land. As someone who knows rivers intimately (near-Biblically), I tell you: these are good rivers. Come watch their vid!

As the making-of after the initial trailer demonstrates, it is all fake. But it's still nice.

I'd be well up for a Minecraft updating revitalising watercourses like this. The Lush Creek in particular looks very exciting to explore. Though as someone who does often swim in rivers, I would like to see more tight glens, linns, and other places rivers run through steep moss-lined cuts in the rock. I'm up for more drama and vertical contrast in Minecraft in general.

That will be one of the focuses for Caves & Cliffs, at least. It'll make mountains more mountainous and make caves interesting with higher heights, deeper depths, and new biomes. The world generation side of the update has been pushed back to the holiday season, though. The first half of the update, coming in summer, will be more about new mobs, items, and blocks. Mojang, like everyone else, have been held up by working from home.

Disruptive Builds has a YouTube playlist of other fictional update concepts, including a Coastal Update, Spooky Forest Update, Sky Update, and Structures Update. Some good daydreaming builds there. They're on Instagram too.

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