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A new Warzone exploit lets you get unlimited Juggernaut suits

There's no escape now

Find a Juggernaut suit in Call Of Duty: Warzone and you'll transform into a minigun-wielding beefcake who's practically unstoppable. It's a golden ticket to victory, basically, and now players have found an exploit which enables you get an unlimited number of them. Excellent.

Normally, you'll get one guaranteed Juggernaut suit in Warzone if you complete a special easter egg which involves having a gander at paintings and inputting codes in the map's subway system. Well, the thrifty fella over on YouTube channel Cable711 found a simple way to duplicate the suit by collecting it alongside a scorestreak, then relying on some timing related magic.

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To perform the exploit, you need to activate the Juggernaut while you're picking up a killstreak at the same time. If timed correctly, you'll create Juggernaut canisters on the ground which can then be picked up and thrown to call a suit in. Cable711 managed to generate around 14 of them in a matter of minutes.

Previously, Juggernaut suits were only available to get in limited time modes and Warzone was merry. Infinity Ward decided that at the start of Season 6, they'd make them available to get in regular Warzone modes, and players, well, they haven't taken too well to it.

I mean, I totally get it. At least with the limited time modes I've signed up for a bit of a laugh, so I don't mind getting shredded by a Juggernaut. In regular modes, though, I'm after more of a competitive experience and their presence feels out of place. It's immensely frustrating going up against someone who swans about knowing they're above the level playing field.

I wouldn't mind as much if Juggernaut suits had compromises or drawbacks, for example, the suit could crumble into dust after a set amount of time, or moving too much could cause you to keel over in exhaustion and make you vulnerable. Right now they've barely got any weaknesses, so I, a mortal human, will pepper them with all the bullets I've got and all the explosives I got, only to tickle them a bit. I am tired of tickling.

As you'd expect, players have streamlined the subway easter egg to a point where they're able to complete the necessary steps and bag themselves a Juggernaut suit in only a few minutes after parachuting in. And on top of this, there's a chance they'll spawn in five bunkers locked behind keycards. Again, the process to get into them is pretty speedy now that everyone's figured it out.

This means that most matches of regular Warzone are plagued by rampaging Juggernauts, but this exploit could mean we could face whole squads of the burly boys. If the community wasn't frustrated enough with them already, this might send them into overdrive.

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