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A rogue door in Call Of Duty: Warzone is killing players

It has chosen violence

Magic Red Doors arrived with Call Of Duty: Warzone Season 4 but what players hadn't anticipated were regular doors getting jealous. It seems like there's one door on Verdansk which kills you instantly if you touch it. Clearly, it does not want to be shown up by the silly red ones.

Watch on YouTube

A player on the Warzone Reddit discovered the Door Of Death in the Salt Mines area of Verdansk. The clip I've linked below shows them run headlong at the door, but get downed instantly at the moment of impact.

Watching it reminds me of this Vine where a guy exclaims, "This is how you dive through a piece of shit door", before he cleaves a hole in a door with his head and his body folds in two. A perfect demonstration. I suppose the difference here is that he technically passes through the door, but with this Warzone equivalent it doesn't seem possible. I might give him a call actually, he'll probably find a way.

There's no concrete reason from the devs on why this door has wrought death, but players in the comments have surmised that it's linked to the magic Red Doors. If you're unfamiliar with them, they're elusive red doors scattered throughout Verdansk which teleport you to rooms filled with powerful loot. Basically, it may be an exit point for a Red Door loot room, but that doesn't explain why it's murdering folks. I imagine it's just a glitch that'll likely be fixed in future, but before it disappears I do want to check it out. I need to sacrifice myself just once, for science.

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