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Call Of Duty: Warzone Season 4 adds armoured trucks to regular modes

Capture a satellite and there's a chance you'll receive a super-truck

Call Of Duty: Warzone Season 4 has finally crash-landed, like a number of satellites into Verdansk. Capture one of these smouldering space spheres and you'll earn rewards, one of which is only a flipping Armoured Truck. These metal stallions were previously only available in Armored Royale, a limited-time mode, but now they're a reward in normal matches. So, err, hey there buddy?! It's so good to see you again! Oh truck. Oh trucky truck, how I've missed you.

If you're unfamiliar with these four-wheeled terrors, they handle like regular cargo trucks, but have a gunner turret on top, as well as a built-in shop in the back. You can spend your cash to upgrade their armour, or ensure the turret doesn't overheat as quickly, or even grant you a permanent UAV which'll reveal nearby enemies' positions.

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To get yourself an Armoured Truck in a regular Warzone match, you'll first need to secure a green beeping box, many of which are scattered across Verdansk. They aren't marked, though, so you'll need to stay frosty, as they say. Stand next to it, a bar will rise, and bingo, it'll say "Satellite Crash Imminent!". Then blam, a satellite will crash land nearby, and you may be in with a chance of getting an Armoured Truck drop.

The fact they're in regular Warzone is a bit of a game-changer, I'd say. Before, all the vehicles were simply vessels to get from A to B. But now there's a vehicle which actually poses a serious threat. Yes, it's still reliant on players to upgrade it and man the turret, but now we have to worry a bit more about metal, and not just man.

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Although, these Armoured Trucks have arrived soon after Raven Software nerfed the spawn rate of trucks in Warzone Solos, having acknowledged that they were a little too dominant. I can see them being a bit problematic, especially if someone gets hold of one, upgrades its armour, and uses it as an indestructible mobile home. But hey, if you go through the ordeal of getting one and spending the many thousands of dollars needed to upgrade it, then hats off to you?

I've also got to mention the magic Red Doors. So I've not found one in-game just yet, but from this clip, it looks like you'll just stumble into them randomly around Verdansk. Step into them and they'll whisk you away to a safe room filled with valuable loot. The fella in the clip below teleports from Stadium to Salt Mine which is a fair distance. It then looks like you'd exit the room and out into the new area decked out in your finds. So they're sort of fast travel points as expected, but with a looty twist.

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They look fun, and I like how they're not signposted on the map for everyone to see. It'll feel like stumbling into a nice surprise, something which Verdansk lacks right now. Most surprises involve being hit by a truck or splattered by an air strike.

For all the changes and additions in Warzone Season 4, the patch notes have you covered.

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