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A Tale Of Two: Cities - Skylines

We built this city

The announcement trailer for Cities; Skylines showed the scale of the settlements and proudly proclaimed that the game could be played without an internet connection. The latter statement was the more obvious jab at SimCity but the size of the cities in Colossal Order's upcoming project is probably more important. Even if I were playing SimCity in a hut at the end of the world, with not a whiff of wifi, I would have found myself clawing at the limits of the simulation sooner rather than later. A new trailer for Skylines shows two sides of citybuilding - one is the perfect endpoint and the other is the likely starting point.

Note: there will be a livestream of the game on the Paradox Twitch channel starting at 19:00 CEST today. Which is right now. GO!

Saying that the (literally) crappy city is my likely starting point gives me too much credit. I'm the town planner who will put the power plant right in the middle of a residential district and damn well keep it there because it seemed like a good idea at the time and I hate bulldozing things. It just seems wrong to demolish a perfectly functional building simply because it's polluting everyone's petunias.

I don't think I've ever built an attractive city, either in a game or the real world. Generally, I'm more interested in playing around with the systems than in making anything aesthetically pleasing, which is why Milton Keynes happened. Sorry, everyone. That one's on me.

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