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Age Of Wonders: Planetfall - Revelations emerges from its ancient crypt today

Gloom in the tomb

Congratulations, Age Of Wonders: Planetfall - you're a real sci-fi world now. From Forerunners to Protheans and everything in between, no spacefaring adventure is complete without an enigmatic, questionably-malevolent ancient precursor people that vanished without a trace. Released today, Planetfall's Revelations expansion heralds the return of the nasty old Heritors and lets you begin your imperial ambitions by clawing out of the grave.

From tomb worlds to skeletal nasties, Revelations is a whole lot of doom and gloom in the tomb.

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The descendants of a long-dead utopian civilisation, Revelations resurrects the Heritor from their long sleep. Like the off-brand Warhammer Necrons they resemble, these vaguely ancient-Egyptian nasties are using high-powered old-school tech to "establish divine rule across the universe" by bringing their old mates back from the dead. Two new campaigns will introduce these slumbering bad lads and their old masters, the Es'teq dynasty.

Of course, you can find their tech and use it against both the Heritor and other players. These developments are centred on draining power from your foes and summoning long-buried allies. Revelations also introduces the Tomb World scenario, where you and your fellow empires find yourselves stuck on an ancient Heritor homeworld.

All that comes included with Revelations itself, but there are a few more additions arriving for all Planetfall players. You'll now be able to take over new Imperial Defences, while a new Orbital Relays let empires enhance infrastructure from space.

Nate took a gander at Planetfall for us when it touched down this August. In his Age Of Wonders: Planetfall review, he reckoned it's a great bridge between hexagon Civ 'em ups and XCOM's more tactical battling. Either way, "giant women on laser dinosaurs" is one hell of a way to pique my interest.

Age Of Wonders: Planetfall - Revelations is out now on Steam and GOG for £11.39/€15/$15.

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