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Alright, so what Star Wars game do you want now?

I would like to see the baby

EA's exclusive hold over Star Wars has ended with the news that Ubisoft are making an open-world Star Wars game and Lucasfilm are looking to work with more folks. So, what game would you like to see made now? RPG? FPS? Walking simulator? Spacepub landlord sim? Dream big. Any genre, any development team, any budget. Pitch whatever you want. I happen to know a man who says he knows Mickey Mouse, so I can put in a good word for you.

I only have an insistence that some future game star the best characters in Star Wars: cute critters and silly robots who make good noises. I would also accept a Baby Yoda Tamagochi.

In all honesty, I think the limit on the potential of Star Wars games will be Star Wars fans. They're just not willing to allow anything different or challenging, wanting only to sup upon the lukewarm pap of nostalgia. I don't see how any Star Wars game could be truly great when fans are so resolutely against heroes faltering that they denounced Kinect Star Wars simply because Han Solo expressed happiness that the carbonite was gone and he was moving on.

But what's your dream Star Wars game, reader dear?

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